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Domain names allow you to create your own personalized identity over the vast internet. Think of it as an address for your virtual home, which allows others to easily visit and remember your website. has just made that process easier, transparent, and hassle-free. No hidden fees, either!

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Register a domain
After Registering
Change DNS settings
Create a Site

Register a domain

1. Head over to Type in your desired name and click Search.

2. We will show you available options and you can choose the one you wish to register by clicking the Select button next to that option.

3. Choose if you want to create a new site to use with your domain, add your domain to an existing site on your account, or just purchase the domain (you can attach it to a site later).

4. If you don’t have an account with us, you’ll get an easy-to-fill brief form. Enter the contact info that would be associated with your domain. If you require Privacy Protection, check the box.

Privacy Protection is optional and free to add for all domains registered at when available.  This option will hide your contact information so that no one on the internet can look it up.

5. Complete check out and your domain would be ready. That’s it! If it’s not immediately working at your end, worry not! New domain registrations can take several days to become functional all over the world.

Also, be on the lookout for an email requesting you to verify your contact information for the domain. That email will be coming from

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After Registering

We set up a default landing page for your domain once it’s registered. It acts as a temporary page while you build out your site or connect it to an existing site. You won’t get any ugly browser errors when you type in your domain!

Here’s how it looks:

This landing page will only appear if you make a domain only purchase. If you attach your new domain to an existing site, or start a new one, the domain will load that site instead.

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Change DNS settings

Want to connect the domain to an existing site or a hosting service?

1. Go to My Site → Switch Site and choose your domain from the list. Then click on Manage Domain.

2. Click Name Servers and DNS.

3. On the next page, you can either choose to change the domain’s name servers (if given by a hosting service) OR enter custom DNS records.

See more here on changing name servers.

For a detailed guide on adding/managing individual DNS records, go here.

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Create a Site

Ready to launch your online space? You can create one at with just a few clicks. No need to get hosting from somewhere else and install complex software!

We do it all for you and host your website, with best-in-class support available.

  1. Head over to Manage Domains and select your domain from the list.
  2. Click the blue Create Site button.
  3. Choose a theme/layout, follow the prompts and you’re done!

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