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Want to use a custom email address with your domain, such as offers an affordable, robust, hosted email solution called Professional Email, which gives you the ease of managing email from your account.

We also offer other solutions to meet your email needs described below. At any time, only one of the email options mentioned in this guide should be active on your domain. Multiple email services on the same domain will not work.

To add email to your domain, ensure you have a custom domain. Then go to Upgrades → Emails to view and select an email solution. The price for each email solution will be shown in your currency.

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Why do I Need a Custom Email Solution?

Look professional

With a custom email address, customers will know you mean business. Establish a professional online identity and stand out against the competition.

Build trust

Project a trustworthy image to customers. Improve your email open rates and your chances of landing in your recipient’s inbox.

Strengthen your brand

A customized email address reinforces your brand with every email you send. Customers will come to recognize your email and domain easily.

Professional Email

Professional Email is an ideal option if you want an affordable, robust hosted email solution with the ease of managing it from your account. Add this to your domain to take advantage of the following features:

Go to Upgrades → Emails to view pricing per mailbox. See Adding Professional Email to Your Site for more information. Please note that once Professional Email is activated, other email services such as Google Workspace will no longer work.

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

We also partner with Google Workspace for those who need a hosted email solution as well as the features and benefits of an office productivity suite (such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more.)

Email Forwarding

If you do not need full email hosting, we also offer simple email forwarding as a free option.

Other Email Providers

If your domain name and DNS settings are managed at, you can purchase email hosting from another provider and connect your domain to it. We do not endorse any specific provider. Here are instructions for several popular providers:

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