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Domain Pricing and Available TLDs users can register domains or transfer domains to using any of the extensions (also called top-level domains or TLDs) listed on this page. Get started and find your domain now.

Standard Domain Registration and Renewal Pricing

The price for one year of domain registration for standard-priced domains in each TLD are listed below.

Note: All TLDs on this page can be registered with us. We can also accept incoming domain transfers for all TLDs listed on this page except for the following:

.ca, .fr, .jp,,, and .uk domains
Premium domains. These domains are typically more expensive than a regular domain due to their perceived higher value. These domains can have any top level domain (.com, .org, .services).

If a TLD is not listed below, it cannot be registered or transferred to us.

If you already own one of those domains elsewhere and want to use it with your site, please use the Domain Connection option.


Domains that are renewed within the redemption grace period will be renewed at the normal renewal price plus an $80 non-refundable redemption fee. See more about domain expirations

Domain Registration Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection is optional and free to add for all domains registered at when available.

Please note that privacy protection may not be available for all TLDs. More information is available here.

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