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This guide will show you how to transfer a domain to another person’s account on The steps shown below apply both to domains registered with and connected domains that are registered with another provider.

Remember, you must currently own the domain to take the steps in this guide. If you do not have access to the settings described here, you may ask the current domain owner to handle the transfer.

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Step 1: Add the New Owner as an Administrator

A domain can only be transferred to another admin on the same site, so the first step is to add the new owner as an admin if they aren’t one already. To add the new owner as admin, go to your dashboard and click Users All Users  Invite. If the new owner is already a non-admin contributor on the site, you can change their role to that of admin at Users → Select person in team.

The new admin will need to accept the invitation before you can transfer the domain to them. You can learn more about adding users to your site here.

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Step 2: Select the Domain

From your dashboard, go to Upgrades → Domains. Make sure to select the correct site if you have more than one.

Domain selection screen with an orange arrow pointing to a domain you can click on.

Select the domain you want to transfer from the list, and you will see its information, settings, and options:

The option to transfer the domain is on the right, under the Add professional email button.

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Step 3: Transfer the Domain to the User

Select Transfer Domain, and you will see an option to transfer the domain to another user, site, or provider. Look for to another user and click Continue:

The option to transfer to another user is highlighted.

On the next screen, you will see a drop-down list of all administrator users currently on our site. Select the new user from this drop-down:

The "choose an administrator" drop-down is highlighted in orange.

There is also some text saying if you proceed you authorize us to act as your Designated Agent to complete the transfer on your behalf. This applies to registered domains only (not domains connected from another provider.)

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Step 4: Complete the Transfer

Click Transfer Domain. You will see one last confirmation pop-up:

Confirm Transfer button.

Once you click Confirm Transfer the domain will be transferred to the other user.

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Step 5: Update the Domain Contact Details

Domain owners are required to provide current and valid contact information. So it is a good idea to remind the new owner to update their contact details on the domain,

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Step 6: Enable Auto-Renewal

To ensure the new owner doesn’t let the domain expire by accident, they can add a payment method and enable auto-renewal for the domain from their account.

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