Restaurant Website Templates: Which Website Pages Do You Need?

Restaurant website templates make it easy to create a home for your restaurant online. Here are the pages you need.

Using Inclusive Language to Make Your Website More Accessible

Using inclusive language in your content is a surefire way to make your site is accessible to a larger audience.

jonathan Bossenger / October 17, 2019

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Your Email Newsletter Strategy: Five Key Components of Success

Email marketing is essential to the success of bloggers and small businesses alike. Here are five key components of a successful email newsletter strategy.

Marketing to Parents? Here’s the Website You Need

If you’re marketing to parents, here’s how to design a website that appeals to this audience.

Setting Up Redirects in

Don’t let misspellings get your customers lost. Setting up redirects in can detour people to their ultimate destination: your website.

Bev Feldman / October 14, 2019

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Creating a Social Media Calendar: Four Factors to Consider

Creating a social media calendar is a great way to organize content, communicate timely events, and align social posts with other business initiatives.

Four Ways to Create a Passive Income Website with

If you’re looking to supplement your revenue stream without working longer hours, a passive income website might be the way to go.

Carrie Cousins / October 10, 2019

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Article Page Templates: Four Big-Picture Design Tips

Learn design basics for creating article page templates that keep readers engaged with your blog posts.

Bev Feldman / October 9, 2019

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Why You Need a Social Media Response Strategy

Do you have a social media response strategy? If not, here’s why you need one — along with a few tips for getting started.

3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Do you want to earn money from your blog? Here are three ways you can successfully monetize your blog.

Carrie Dagenhard / October 4, 2019

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