Ways to Gather Customer Feedback That’ll Improve Your Business

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to gather customer feedback that’ll help you improve your website and grow your business.

Improve Your Google Keyword Ranking in 6 Steps

Appeal to customers, drive web traffic, and generate more ad revenue by learning how to improve your Google keyword ranking.

Create a Forum with WordPress.com

Take advantage of these features to create a forum that makes your website a conversation hub.

Use a Comments Plugin to Encourage Engagement

Choose a useful, intuitive comments plugin to make it convenient for readers to engage and form a community around your content.

Install a Facebook Comments Plugin to Promote Social Engagement

Improving your comments section is a win-win for you and your readers. Install a Facebook comments plugin to make commenting more convenient and social.

Create a Personalized Landing Page for Your Prospective Users

Show your prospective users that you recognize their unique needs by creating a personalized landing page for different members of your target audience.

How to Avoid These 4 Common Website Problems

A poorly designed website can frustrate visitors and customers, prompting them to leave. Get them to stay by avoiding these common website problems.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Aren’t the Entire Story

Tracking key performance indicators reveals what you’re getting in return for the resources invested into your website.

Using Content from Other Websites without Being Lazy (or Unethical)

You can add dimension and diversity of thought to your blog by using content from other websites. Here’s how to do it without looking lazy or unethical.

6 Office Automation Tools to Help You Streamline Your Small Business

Spend more time generating leads and closing sales — and relaxing — with these office automation tools.

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