How to Reduce Video Size for Faster Load Times

You want to include video on your website, but is it affecting your user experience? Learn four ways to reduce video size for faster load times.

Tumblr vs WordPress: Which Should You Choose?

You’re creating a blog, but where do you start? First, choose a platform. The Tumblr vs WordPress dilemma can be addressed with a few questions.

When to Hide Your WordPress Site from Google

If your website is under construction or is meant for trusted confidants only, learn how to hide your WordPress site from Google.

Website Names: Choosing the Best Domain Extension

If the website names that you want are already taken, it might be time to consider alternative domain extensions.

Create a Stunning Event Website with

Get your guests excited and keep them informed with an event website. Here’s how to create one in three steps.

What Are Hex Colors in Website Design?

What are hex colors? Learn how hex color codes are used to give you granular color control that lets you achieve the exact palette you want.

The Perks of Creating a Facebook Blog Page for Your Website

Having a Facebook blog page that works alongside your website can help to improve your online visibility, branding, and reach.

How to Make Your WordPress Site Show Up in Google Search Results

Wondering how to make your WordPress site show up in Google Search Results? These five tips can increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Carrie Dagenhard / May 20, 2019

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The Grammarly WordPress Tool and Other Proofreading Solutions

Thanks to Ginger and Grammarly, WordPress proofreading has never been easier. Here are four tools to help you eliminate errors before you publish.

Give Away Free E-books on WordPress to Generate Leads

Here’s how to give away free E-books on WordPress to generate leads and establish your expertise.

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