How to Increase Image Load Speed on Your Website

How do you increase image load speed on your website? Try out these six strategies to improve overall user experience and keep visitors on your site.

Bev Feldman / August 22, 2019

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When Is the Right Time to Hire a Web Designer?

One of the biggest reasons to hire a web designer is because they have a technical skill set that you likely don’t.

How to Add an About the Author Box in the New Editor

In this guide, we show you how to add an About the Author box to your website, and we’re going to do that in two different ways.

Karol K. / August 21, 2019

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4 Tips for Adding Responsive Design to Your Website

You already know that responsive design is a must-have for any website. Now, it’s time to create a responsive site of your own.

Types of Online Ads: What You Need to Know

Looking to drive traffic and engage your audience through digital advertising? Here are the different types of online ads and how to get started.

How to Leverage AI and Web Design to Improve Your Website

In this post, we’ll discuss AI and web design, including what it is and how you can leverage AI web design tools to improve your website.

How to Increase Email Subscribers: 9 Tips to Boost Your Opt-Ins

Put these nine tips to work today if you want to increase email subscribers and improve your website’s opt-in rates.

SEO vs. PPC: What’s the Difference, and Which Should You Use?

Learn the most important differences between SEO vs. PPC, as well as how to choose the best search engine marketing strategy for your website.

Why an Event Marketing Strategy Still Matters

Discover why an event marketing strategy still matters in a digital age, and how to host a successful marketing event.

Jasmine Henry / August 16, 2019


Why Does Site Speed Optimization Matter?

Website visitors hate waiting for a slow site to load. If your site speed optimization isn’t up to scratch, you’re losing out.

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