Basically, the best
managed WordPress
hosting on the planet

You could host your WordPress site anywhere. Or you could take advantage
of the performance you only get when you seamlessly integrate every line of code – and every piece of hardware – in the stack. Meet managed hosting.

Full-stack performance

There’s an incredible performance edge you get when you own the whole stack. From the software down to the metal, our infrastructure is optimized for lightning fast WordPress hosting.

HIGH-FREQUENCY CPUS sites run highly performant CPUs to generate pages at incredible speeds. Our award-winning infrastructure ensures your site will impress your clients.


Save money on storage, without sacrificing performance. creates image thumbnails on the fly and transparently compresses data at rest.


Cruise through a traffic spike without breaking a sweat. Our custom resource management system automatically scales to over 100 PHP workers. With any other host, your site would fall over.


Your site runs lightening fast, wherever in the world it’s accessed from. Bring site content and visitors closer together thanks to 28+ data centers across 6 continents.

Failure isn’t an option

Say hello to 99.999% uptime. Unlike others, we don’t outsource to the cloud to keep your site and content in front of the world. Every site runs in protected clusters with redundancies for data, files, and even connectivity. So, when other platforms go down – your site stays up.

Unmetered bandwidth and pageviews

Don’t worry about unexpected success. sites aren’t metered based on bandwidth or pageviews, regardless of your plan.

real-time backup WITH ONE-CLICK RESTORE

Every part of your site is backed up in real-time. Need to restore a missing file? It’s just a single click.

automated data center failover

Every site is replicated in real-time to a second data center in a different region. This unique, geo-redundant architecture ensures your site operates with maximum uptime even if an entire data center fails.

24/7 Expert Support

Whenever you’re stuck, whatever you’re trying to make happen – our Happiness Engineers have the answers on hand.

Seriously secure

Every site is sealed air-tight in its own isolated environment. With round-the-clock security monitoring, DDOS mitigation, and deep dive details on site activity – security isn’t something you need to lose sleep over.

DDOS AND WAF PROTECTION blocks millions of malicious requests daily so you can sleep through takeover and hacking attempts. Our active DDOS and Web Application Firewall protects sites of all sizes, from NBC to your local donut shop.


Stay one step ahead of security threats with automated malware scanning and one-click fixes. Our platform keeps you focused on what matters, covering your back every minute of every day.


Stay on top of everything that happens on your site with our real-time activity log. If it happens, you’ll know about it, and you’ll be a couple of clicks from responding to it. And with a record of unlimited post revisions, any mistakes can be easily undone.


Keep your user accounts secure with our built-in two-factor authentication and compromised password scanning. Don’t be one of the more than 200 million people affected by password leaks.

Built for builders. By builders

WordPress is in our bones – Automattic is the biggest contributor to WordPress and its Five for the Future initiative. And we’re bringing that same dedication and obsession to opening up the power of to developers, builders, and agencies.

plugins, THEMEs, and custom code

Start with full support for over 50,000+ plugins and themes to build on and put to work. Or start from scratch with your own custom plugins, themes, and code. Build any site you can think of – and deploy it to – just like that.

ssh, wp-cli, and git

Work the way you’re used to working. Deeply flexible developer tools bring the power of the command line to your fingertips. Run WP-CLI commands, automate repetitive tasks, and troubleshoot your custom code. With the tools you already use.

multi-site management

Seamlessly shift between two sites or 20. Manage multiple sites in the same place with our unified Sites page. See a preview of each site, easily jump into your next project, or quickly fetch hosting connection details. All from one place.

jetpack advanced features

More than 5 million users trust Jetpack to level up their sites with additional security, performance, and growth features. Pick and choose the tools you need to boost your site’s capabilities – from 1TB of cloud storage to CRM extensions.

Pick a plan and start building

Whatever you’re building, do it on top of the world’s best managed WordPress hosting stack. No overages. No metering. No surprises. Plans


Lightning‑fast, seriously secure, insanely extensible WordPress managed hosting. Without bandwidth overages.
$25 $33
per month, billed annually per month, billed monthly


Everything in Business, with advanced WooCommerce tools and integrations ready to go from minute one.
$45 $59
per month, billed annually per month, billed monthly


Deliver unmatched performance with the highest security standards on our enterprise content platform.

Starts at US$25,000 yearly