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Paid Newsletters

WordPress.com allows you to automatically email your paying followers and subscribers with new premium content being published on your website with Premium Content blocks.

While anyone can follow (or subscribe to) your website to receive email notifications of new posts, content created within the Premium Content blocks will only be emailed to your paying subscribers.

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How do Subscribers see Premium Content?

Your followers and readers can see the premium content they’re paying for in two places:

  1. Directly on your website’s Premium Content block
  2. Delivered directly to their email inbox in the form of a newsletter

If a new post has public content (not part of your Premium Content block) in addition to premium content, all of that content will be emailed to paying subscribers. Non-paying followers will only see the public content and a button to subscribe to your premium content.

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Creating a Paid Newsletter

Use the Premium Content block to select which premium content you’d like to be included in your paid newsletter – this can include text, photos, videos, and anything else you’d like to include in that block. If you’re setting up a subscription for the first time, you can determine the price and interval (monthly or yearly) within the block settings on the page editor directly.

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Turning on Email Notifications

Once you have your subscription set up, email settings are accessible either through the block editor “Manage your subscriptions” link or within the Earn tab in your account.

You will then see your subscriptions listed. Click on the appropriate subscription and then click the ellipses menu (the three dots) and select Edit.

Once in the Edit Payment plan section, click the Email tab. Select the option to “Email newly published posts to members of this recurring payment plan who have opted in.”

You can also set a custom message to new subscribers who have signed up to receive emails in the Custom confirmation message text box.

Click Save to activate the email notifications to your paid subscribers of new Post content that you’ll create specifically for them.

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