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Each time you publish a new post, your followers receive an update in their Reader, via email, or both depending on their settings.

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Followers Explained

To view your followers, go to Users in the left sidebar of your site dashboard. You’ll see the following tabs on the next screen:

Team tab highlighted on the Users screen.
User roles tabs on the User screen.

Under the Team tab, you can see a list of people currently added to your site with a user role, such as Administrator, Editor, and Contributor.


The Followers tab shows a list of people currently following your site using their account. Followers can manage their subscription through Reader.

Email Subscribers

The Email Subscribers tab shows a list of people who are subscribed to your blog via email only. They may or may not have a account.

To encourage more people to follow you, add a Subscribe block in a prominent position on your site.

You can download a list of all email addresses by clicking the Download Data as CSV button. You can then use that file to import your email followers to another platform like Mailchimp or MailerLite.

Likewise, you can use the Add subscribers button to import your email subscribers from another platform.

It is not possible to download a similar list for Followers, as they have not consented to provide an email address. When someone chooses to follow your blog using their account, it is similar to following someone on Twitter or Instagram.

If you would like to collect names, email addresses, or other data for your own e-mail list, you can use one of several newsletter services integrated with Mailchimp, MailerLite, or Revue.


The Invites tab shows a list of outgoing invitations you have sent to people to join your site either as a follower or to have more access as an Admin, Editor, or another user role.

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How to Remove a Follower

To remove a follower, go to Users → Followers or Users → Email Subscribers. Find the follower, and click the Remove link next to their name:

Screenshot of the Followers list, with the Remove link highlighted for a follower.
Remove a follower

Then click on the Remove button on the confirmation popup.

Confirming follower removal.
Confirm removing a follower

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Follower Totals

Your site stats page displays more details about your followers, such as how many followers you have, who your followers are, as well as how many people are subscribed to comments on your site.

To view your followers, go to Stats in the left sidebar of your site dashboard and select the Insights tab at the top. The Follower totals table lists the number of people following your site with their accounts, email addresses, and followers on social media accounts connected to your site via auto-sharing.

Follower Totals module.
Itemized follower totals

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Comment Followers

After leaving a comment on one of your posts, readers have the option to follow the comments on that post. To learn more, visit the Follow Comments support page.

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Following a blog and not receiving email updates?

  • Check your spam/junk email box. If your email client gives you the option to unblock specific email addresses, try allowing * (all emails from the domain) and/or addresses.
  • Make sure you to uncheck the box next to “Block all email updates from blogs you follow” on your Email Delivery Settings page.

Publish a blog post and followers did not receive an email?

An email to followers is sent only when a new post is published for the first time. Updating a post that has already been published will not trigger a new email to followers.

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