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Connect a Stripe Account

The Payments block and Premium Content block allow you to accept credit and debit card payments from your website’s visitors. In order to safely and securely process these payments on your website, WordPress.com has partnered with a company called Stripe. Stripe processes all of these payments, issues receipts, and allows you to easily transfer funds.

Note: Creating a Stripe account is free and does not require any upfront payment.

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Getting to the Stripe Connection Page

When you add the Payments block or Premium Content block on a page or post for the first time, you will be asked to connect your Stripe account. Click the Connect button to add an existing account or create a free Stripe account in a matter of minutes.

Stripe also has extensive documentation for you to learn more about the account creation page and their payment processing technology.

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If You Already Have a Stripe Account

After clicking the Connect button on your page or post, you will be re-directed to https://connect.stripe.com automatically. If you already have a Stripe account, click the Sign in link at top right where you can then enter your login and password to connect your Stripe account.

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If You Need to Create a Stripe Account

After clicking the Connect button from your page or post, you will be re-directed to https://connect.stripe.com automatically. This Stripe registration page requires some basic information about your product, your business, and your own personal relationship to your business. After activating your account, you can immediately start accepting live payments.

In the first part of the Stripe registration and connection page, you will see a request for business details including a business address, phone, and type.

  • No special business registration or license is required for you to sign-up with Stripe.
  • Your business address can simply be your mailing address or another address you have.
  • Your business phone can be your mobile phone, landline, or another phone number where you can be reached.
  • If you have registered your business legally, you can select the appropriate business type but for most people, this will simply be “Individual, sole proprietor, or single-member LLC.”
  • Business website is most likely going to be your WordPress.com URL.
  • Please select the business description that best describes what you are selling whether it’s physical or digital goods, donations, gifts, services, or memberships. There are also ample “Other” options.
  • “Individual or sole proprietor details” contain contact information for the individual or sole proprietor. The contact information that you input in this section can be the same as you inputted above.
  • Stripe requires a “Statement descriptor” which is what will show up on bank and credit card statements for those paying you.
  • Bank details are required so Stripe can transfer funds to your bank account.
  • Two-step authentication is required by Stripe for your own security. You can see SMS authentication or an app like freeOTP, Duo, Google Authenticator, or one of many others.
  • Last but not least, you’ll need to add an email and password. The email does not need to be the same as the email associated with your WordPress.com. And it’s highly recommended to not use the same password as your WordPress.com account for your new Stripe account.
  • After that, click Authorize access to this account.
  • If additional fields are required, you will see an error message telling you what was left out – you can add those in and then come back to click Authorize access to this account.
  • After you’ve successfully connected your Stripe account, you will be re-directed back to your WordPress.com account.

Now you can publish your Payments block or Premium Content block.

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