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eCommerce: How to Sell Online on WordPress.com

WordPress.com offers several different options for selling items online through your site. This guide covers each one!

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Before choosing an eCommerce solution, you’ll want to think about what you’re selling and what kind of system you’ll need in place.

Here are some different example scenarios.

Example: You have a one-time event where you need to collect payment from your visitors. You don’t need much from them other than an email address and mailing address. In this example, Pay with PayPal might be your best option.

Example: Or, you’re looking to create a membership site where only paying members have access to special content. You want your members to have monthly or annual subscriptions. The Payments block with the Premium Content feature would be ideal in this scenario.

Example: In another scenario, you have a full online store where you sell physical or digital products, and you want to be able to accept different payment methods, automatically calculate taxes and shipping, and show a storefront of all of your products on one page, the WooCommerce plugin would be the best option for this type of functionality.

Example: Lastly, you might be looking to collect donations or contributions to your site. You can choose between Pay with PayPal, or our Donations block (powered by Payments) to add that functionality to your site.

Those are just a few examples of what you can do with the eCommerce features described below. Test out each feature and determine the best option for you!


WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution on WordPress. WooCommerce is an eCommerce solution that allows you to add a cart and checkout process, take payment, monitor inventory, and everything else you need for an online store.

You can install the plugin here on any WordPress.com Business plan site. In addition, it comes pre-installed on the WordPress.com eCommerce plan.

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Pay with PayPal

The Pay with PayPal block is available on the WordPress.com Premium plan and higher. The Pay with PayPal block allows you easily add a PayPal button to your site for collecting payments for products as well as donations.

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The Payments block lets you collect recurring revenue from your site visitors for subscriptions, memberships, and donations. You can also set up a Payments block to collect a one-time payment.

When a visitor signs up, you’ll start receiving regular payments from them — either monthly or yearly — creating predictable earnings for your blog or website.

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Premium Content Block

The Premium Content block allows you to create monthly or yearly subscription options to share select content with those who pay for it – text, images, videos, or any other type of content. Only subscribers paying you monthly or a yearly fee will be able to see the content.

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eCommerce Plan

Need more robust eCommerce options for your site? Our eCommerce plan already comes with a handful of pre-selected Storefront themes, advanced customization options, and premium WooCommerce extensions, all out of the box so you can get up and running.

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Video Tutorials: Add Payments to your Site

If you’re not sure which eCommerce solution works best for you, we have some video tutorials that show a few different ways you can integrate payments into your site.

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