Move Your Portfolio to WordPress in 5 Steps

A polished professional portfolio is the crown jewel of your website. As a sales tool, it attracts potential clients and helps you win new business. Once you have a portfolio, it’s important to keep it updated and draw attention to it.

Here’s how to create a new portfolio — or move your existing one — to so you can start landing exciting business opportunities.

Showcase your best work with a portfolio

As Forbes notes, a professional portfolio establishes your credibility, helps potential clients or employers visualize working with you, and improves your chances of bringing in new business. When you create your portfolio on, you can prominently display it in smart, attention-catching ways. portfolio example

For example, certain themes highlight photography and graphic design projects in visually appealing ways. With the right theme, you can build a compelling professional portfolio that stands out among the competition.

5 steps to move your portfolio to

Here’s how you can create your portfolio, or move an existing one, in five steps:

1. Create a site. First things first, you will need to create a blog or website on

2. Pick a theme. Choose a theme that will make your portfolio shine. For example, certain themes like Orvis and Illustratr were created with photographers and designers in mind. You can also filter themes that have the portfolio feature built into the design. theme previews

3. Activate the portfolio feature. Once you’re up and running on, confirm that your theme has the portfolio feature enabled by going to My Sites → Settings → Writing → Content Types and making sure the Portfolio Projects option is activated.

4. Choose the number of portfolio projects to display. In the same section, enter the number of projects you would like to display on each page under Portfolio Projects. Then click the Save Settings button at the top right corner of your screen.

Choosing portfolio project number in

5. Begin adding and managing portfolio projects. On, creating a portfolio project is similar to creating a blog post. Add a new project by choosing the Portfolio option in the left sidebar and then selecting Add. You can begin transferring your portfolio pieces over from their current location by copying and pasting them, adding featured images and links as needed. If you have a large number of portfolio projects to move and are on the Business plan, you could use a third-party plugin for this purpose.

Adding a portfolio in

Make your professional portfolio shine

Once you’ve created your portfolio, you can make the most of it by writing compelling descriptions that attract potential clients, explaining the thought process behind your favorite projects, and setting featured images that make your projects more visually appealing. From there, you can organize your portfolio pieces to make sure that the strongest ones are prominently displayed. customized portfolio example

You can also showcase your best portfolio pieces on individual blog posts and pages using the portfolio shortcode. When a prospective client arrives at your site after a web search or by clicking on one of your social media posts, they will immediately see an example of your best work. This builds trust, allowing visitors to your website to view relevant samples of your work in a natural, organic way.

Then, when opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready to answer — with a stunning professional portfolio to match.

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