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Map Block

With the map block you can add a map to any post or page on your site.

Add a Map Block

In order to add a map block, click on the Block Inserter + icon.

You can also type /map and hit enter in a new paragraph block to add one quickly.

Map block - Add Typing

For more information, visit our detailed instructions on adding blocks.

Block Interface

Each block has its own block-specific controls that allow you to manipulate the block right in the editor. The map block offers the center alignment, add marker and more option controls.

The Map block with the Toolbar above it, and a map within the main content area.

Edit the map

The map will load with a text field for you to add a location marker.

The Map block with the Toolbar above it, and a map within the main content area with an Add a Location pop-over.
You can also click the Add a Marker icon in the Block Toolbar to add a new marker.

Type the location you want to display on the map. This can be as general or specific as you wish, and the location will autocomplete as you type. Click the correct location to add it to your map.

You can then click on the red marker symbol to edit the title and caption of the marker.

The Map block with the Toolbar above it and a map within the main content area displaying the details of a marker, including title and caption.

Note that editing the address in the caption field here will not change the position of the marker, only what text is displayed on your map when the marker is clicked.

Add Additional Location Markers

You can add additional location markers to the same map, for example, if you have a chain of restaurants, and you want to display all of their locations on one map.

To add a location marker, click the Add a Marker button and enter the location details as before.

The Block toolbar above the block with the tooltip for Add a marker displayed.

When you add more than one location marker, the map will zoom out to display all markers.

The Map block with the Toolbar above it, and an expanded map within the main content area with two markers added.

Block Settings

When you select a block, you will find additional block settings in the right sidebar. If you do not see the sidebar, you may need to click the Settings icon in the top-right corner to bring up the settings. This icon looks like a square with two uneven columns:

The settings icon in the Editor with a tooltip "Settings" below it.
Click the Settings icon to open the block settings


Choose the style of the map on your site. Options include default, muted, satellite view, and terrain.

Note: If terrain is selected, you will see options that differ from what is mentioned in this guide. Those settings will disappear if you switch the map back to one of the other three options.

Map block styles


You can also choose the color of the location markers. Either choose from the suggested colors or pick a custom color.

Map block colors
Choose the color of the location marker in the map

Map Settings

The Map Settings give you different ways to customize the appearance of the map:

Height in pixels: Set the height of the map.

Zoom level: Set how much you want the map to be zoomed in. This can be changed when showing one marker on the map only.

Scroll to zoom: Enable this option if you want your viewer to be able to use their device’s scroll function to zoom in and out on the map.

Map Settings


The Markers section lets you edit all of your markers. Editing a marker here works exactly the same as if you click on the marker itself and edit there, but using these settings may be easier if you have a lot of markers to edit. It’s also possible to delete markers in this section.

The Marker Caption area only supports text. If you need to have some clickable links, an alternative option is to create a custom Google Maps that you can then embed on the site.

Marker Settings


For more, visit our detailed instructions on Advanced settings.

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