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Create Multiple Websites

You can conveniently manage multiple websites under one login. This guide will show you how to create and switch between different sites in your account.

Sign Up to

When you sign up to, we’ll automatically create your first site for you.

If you don’t already have a account, fill out this signup form to provide an email address, a username, and password.

In the next steps, you’ll be asked for your website address (known as a domain.) You can create a new domain, connect a domain you already own, or continue with a free site address.

Lastly, you’ll select a plan to set up your new website.

Image displaying the signup form.
Starting your account

Create a New Site

Click this link to start an additional website in your existing account. Alternatively, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account (if you are not already logged in.)
  2. Click the Add new site button which you can find:
    • at the bottom left corner of your dashboard (if you have only one site in your account)
    • after clicking Switch site at the top of your dashboard (if you have two or more sites already)
  3. Just like you did for your first site, select a domain and a plan for this new site to finish creating it.
    • A plan applies to one site only. One plan cannot be shared across multiple websites.

Each site will be completely independent of each other, with different designs, domains, subscribers, and settings. Alternatively, you can create a copy of an existing site.

An arrow pointing to the "Add new site" button at the bottom of the dashboard.

Switch Between Sites

With multiple websites under your account, you can click the Switch site option in the upper left corner of your dashboard to go from one site to the other:

A box drawn around the "Switch site" option below "My Sites" in the dashboard.

After clicking on “Switch sites“, you can click the “Manage sites” button at the bottom of the screen to view the Sites page. This screen gives you an overview of all sites in your account.

Move a Domain to a Different Site

If you have registered a new domain name on your existing site but meant to create a new site for that domain, you can move the domain to the correct site:

  1. Click the Add new site button as explained in the previous section.
  2. When asked for a domain, do not enter your domain yet. Since the domain name is already attached to a different site, select the free address for now – you’ll find that option further down the list:
The Choose a domain step of signup, with an arrow pointing to the highlighted free address.
  1. Select a plan for your new site and complete the site creation process.
  2. Return to your dashboard.
  3. Switch to the site that currently has the domain.
  4. Navigate to Upgrades → Domains.
  5. Select your domain.
  6. Look for the Transfer option and select To another site.
  7. Transfer the domain to the new site you just created, then make it the primary address.

Visit our guide to Move a Domain to Another Site for more.

Move a Plan to a Different Site

If you wish to move a plan from one site you own to another, please contact us for assistance. Transferring a plan from one site to another is not possible without contacting support. Alternatively, you can cancel your plan on site #1 and purchase a new plan for site #2.

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