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Account Settings

This guide explains the information you can change in your Account Settings. You can access your account settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner and selecting Account Settings. You can also click the button below:

Account Settings


Your username must be unique. You can change your username by typing in a new one into the username field and following the instructions that appear. Your username will display next to any posts you make in the forums.


Once you change your username you will not be able to change it back and the old name will not be available for you or anyone to use. If you only want your name to appear differently, you can change your Public Display Name in your profile instead.

Email Address

You can change your email address. Each account must have a unique email address, and email addresses cannot be shared among accounts. That is, one email address cannot be registered with multiple accounts. You will be sent a confirmation link to verify your email when you create a new account or change your email address.


Although your email address will not be displayed publicly on, when you comment on any site while logged into your account, the e-mail address will be visible to the site’s owner/administrator.

Primary Site

Choose which site in your account you want to be your primary site. If you have more than one site in your account, the primary site is the site that is selected by default when you open in your browser.

If you only have one site there will be no dropdown, and that site will be set as primary automatically.

Only sites on which your account is a user, or self-hosted WordPress sites connected to your account via Jetpack can be set as the primary site.

Web Address

The web address is the full URL of your main website or blog. The web address will be the link used for your Public Display Name when you leave comments on sites. Changing your web address will not affect the link on existing comments; it will only change the link for future comments you leave.


If you make any changes to your Account Settings, be sure to click the Save account settings button at the bottom!

Interface Settings

Interface Language

Set the primary language of your administrative screens. This is the language you will see as you use It does not change the language that others see when they access your site. To set the language of your actual site, go to your site’s General Settings.

In-page Translator

For eligible languages only. Turning this option on will enable an in-page translation tool where available. It can be used to help translate the interface.

Dashboard Color Scheme

You can change the color scheme on your dashboard to one that feels more comfortable to you. Don’t forget to save the changes before leaving the page.


If you make any changes to your Interface Settings, be sure to click the Save interface settings button at the bottom!

Close Your Account

This will let you close your account permanently. For more details, please visit this page.

The 'close your account permanently' option.

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