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The email address registered with your account is your unique identifier. This is how we can verify ownership of blogs and accounts, and it is very important to keep it updated as necessary.

You can update your email address in your Account Settings.

Once you’ve entered a new email address and clicked “Save Account Settings,” you’ll receive an email at the new address with a confirmation link. You must click the confirmation link to confirm the change and update the email on your account.

Kindly note that should you contact us for assistance, we will require an email from the address registered with the account to assist you as this proves account ownership.

No Sharing

We require each user account to also use a unique email address. This means that accounts may not share the same email address.

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Issues Changing your Email Address

Suppose you attempt to change your email address and find that it never updates after saving the changes. In that case, the email address you are attempting to use is probably associated with another account. Because each address can only be associated with one account, it will not allow you to use the same email again.

To solve the issue, you can use a different email address that is not already in use, or you can log in to the account currently using your desired email address and change it to something else. Once changed, you can then reuse the email on a different account.

If you requested the change but did not receive the email confirmation to finalize it (or the confirmation did not work), please contact Support.

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Please take time and review the privacy policy.

When you leave a comment on a blog at, and if you are logged in, your email address is made available to the owner of the blog when they see your comment. This is the same as you see when people comment on your blog.

If you are uncomfortable with that, log out of before leaving a comment. You will still have to leave an email address, but it will be your choice as to what you enter. Some blogs will require you to be logged in to make a comment – in that case, you cannot.

If you leave a comment and realize you were logged in, please do not contact support – nothing can be done. We will not, under any circumstances, edit the comments on our users’ blogs at your request.

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