How to Make Your WordPress Site Show Up in Google Search Results

According to data from Internet Live Stats, there are more than 40,000 search queries performed on Google every second, which equates to several billion searches per day. If someone is looking for the product or service that you offer, there’s a good chance they’ll begin by performing Google searches.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your WordPress site show up in Google search results, you’re not alone. Mastering search engine optimization (SEO) takes time and effort, but it will ultimately serve to boost your site traffic, increase your reach, and add to your earned revenue.

1. Update your privacy settings

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to adjust your privacy settings to allow your site to be indexed by Google. Go to Settings, scroll down to Privacy, and make sure your site is marked as Public. If your site is set to Hidden or Private, search engines won’t be able to index it, and you will not show up in search results.

2. Publish high-quality content

Google’s goal is to help its users find the most relevant, useful information. If ranking well is a priority for you, your site content should include plenty of useful, original, well-written content that addresses your audience’s common needs. Publishing pertinent, captivating content with a regular cadence is still one of the best ways to appear in search results.

3. Make your content shareable

When other credible sites link back to your website, and when you link to credible sources within your own content, it can help improve your search engine ranking and exposure. Use social media sites to spread the word about your site. Don’t forget to add social icon buttons to the bottom of your posts so that fans can share your content across their own networks, too.

4. Use an SEO plugin

There are various SEO tools available to use on your website, and you can always complement them with plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO Pack for any additional functionality you might need. These plugins can help ensure that your content, meta descriptions, tags, and other assets are all optimized for search.

5. Be patient automatically notifies Google about every page that you update or blog post that you publish. It can take Google up to six weeks to index new sites and site content, so be patient!

There’s no silver bullet

There’s no single method to make your WordPress site show up in Google search results, but by following the tips above, you can improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site.

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