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Easy-to-Use WordPress SEO Tools

With WordPress.com, SEO tools come standard. 

Custom Titles & Descriptions

To help you make a good first impression.

Say your site pops up on a search engine results page (SERP). Right below your page URL is your page title and description. It’s the first thing people see—your first touch with a potential customer. Better make it good because the rest of the listings are your competitors.

WordPress.com makes it easy to edit titles and descriptions without the hassle of coding or technical limitations.

Auto-Generated XML Sitemaps

To help search engines index your pages.

A sitemap serves as a directory of your webpages to help search engines read, categorize, and index them quickly and send the most relevant traffic your way.

Manually preparing sitemaps is time-consuming and complicated. With WordPress.com, your sitemap is auto-generated and auto-updated any time you make changes.

Clean URLs

For more intuitive categorizing.

Search engines scan your webpage URLs to understand what your content is all about. Plus, clean URLs help users navigate your site with a better understanding of what to expect on each page.

While other website builder platforms provide messy, less-than-optimal URL structures, WordPress.com keeps things clean and intuitive for blog posts, category pages, and all other pages across your site.

Site Verification

To unlock advanced features.

Verifying your site with search engines unlocks more SEO features—like analytics—and can help get your webpages indexed faster.

WordPress.com gives you an easy method for verifying your site and launching analytics without digging into your page’s source code. It’s as simple as pasting the snippets of tracking code from Google, Bing, Yandex, etc., into a form field. Click. Done.

for Speed & Security

When webpages load faster, they rank higher.

WordPress AMP Integration

For faster loading mobile pages.

AMP (formerly Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source framework that allows browsers and apps to load your site’s pages quickly on mobile devices.

Because AMP improves your site load time it plays an important role in improving your SEO rankings.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

For less bouncing and more browsing.

A slow loading site will often cause frustration and drive visitors to leave your site before a page has loaded.

With WordPress.com, your web pages, text, and images get loaded from a CDN to automatically speed up your website. No technical work required.

SSL Certificates

To help boost visitors confidence.

Ask insiders at Google what their top ranking factors are, and they almost always play coy. Except when it comes to security. Google has openly admitted that they give preference to sites that protect visitors’ sensitive data, like payment info and passwords.

WordPress.com auto-installs SSL certificates from Lets’ Encrypt on all customer sites. SSL certificates validate that the encrypted connection between your visitor’s devices and your website is secure.

More WordPress SEO Features

Mobile-Friendly Themes

Because most of today’s websites get more traffic from visitors using mobile devices, most WordPress themes are already optimized for the mobile experience.

Access to Popular SEO Plugins

Customers on the WordPress.com Business & eCommerce plans have access to plugins that unlock even more advanced SEO tools.

Easy Image Optimizing

Type your top keywords in image descriptions to give more weight to terms that matter most, or you can use a plugin to auto-generate image alt text. Plus, you can even resize images on-the-spot to maximize page load speeds.

Social Media Integration

Social media is gigantic today, and it’s one of the best platforms for marketing your brand. What’s more, success in your social media campaign will indirectly improve your SEO ranking.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration is included as part of WordPress.com Premium. Simply enable it in your settings to start tracking your traffic.

SEO Success Stories

WordPress.com offers the best out-of-the-box SEO imagine-able.”
 Tim Ferriss
Entrepreneur & Author of tim.blog

“WordPress.com works really well with Google for a great SEO ranking.”
 Quintin Lake
Author of theperimeter.uk

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