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Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content.

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Default Settings
Create an Excerpt
Styling an Excerpt
Troubleshooting and FAQ

Excerpts are ideal for creating one to two sentence descriptions of the content on a page or post. These excerpts can be used by different themes as a preview, in place of showing the full post or page content.

To find a list of all themes supporting excerpts by default, click here.

Examples of places where excerpts may show, depending on your theme:

  • Search results
  • Blog Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Featured Content on the Homepage

Some shortcode, like the Display Posts shortcode, also offers a include_excerpt argument that will use the excerpt text you’ve created.

Excerpts are also often picked up by social networks and search engines to be used as the meta description for that page or post.

 The text you enter as an excerpt will not show on the individual post or page itself. It will only show on designated pages or search results.

Take into account that not all themes support excerpts. You can consider using More Blocks as another solution.

Default Settings

In most cases, by default, your site will show the full content of each blog wherever your theme displays content previews (such as your posts page, portfolio page, etc).

The theme in the following screenshots is called Baskerville 2.

Excerpt - Showing full content
Posts Page showing full blog posts.
Excerpt - Excerpt created
Posts Page showing post excerpts.

In both cases, clicking on the post title will take the visitor to the full blog post.

In some themes, the posts page is already designed to only show the first few sentences of a post. Perennial is an example of this. Your post excerpt will take over for the summary on the posts page.

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Create an Excerpt

  1. Edit any post or page.
  2. Under the Post/ Page settings on the right of the editor click on Excerpt.
  3. Type your short excerpt.
  4. Publish your page or post.
Excerpt - Write Excerpt

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Styling an Excerpt

Very basic HTML can be used to style how the excerpt looks. A few examples include:


Makes the text bold.

<a href = "url">Link Text</a>

Creates a link. For example, if your theme doesn’t include a “Read More” you can insert the public address of the page the excerpt is for to create your own Read More option. You could also create a “Read More” option by using the instructions here.


Creates a line break between two blocks of text.

Example of HTML formatting:

Excerpt - HTML Added
Excerpt - Basic HTML

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Troubleshooting and FAQ

My Excerpt isn’t Showing on My Posts Page!

Check in your Customizer for Content Options or a similar section. Your theme may have a setting under Content Options for Blog Display that is set to show a Full post by default. If so, change it to Post excerpt and Publish your changes.

If this does not resolve the issue, bear in mind that not all themes support excerpts. Browse through the themes that support excerpts here. Or, you can use the More Block instead.

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