Say Hello to WordPrompts!

We’re excited to introduce a set of prompts for creators of all types! Meet WordPrompt, a single-word monthly exercise that aims to inspire you to create new posts, regardless of what or how you publish.

Earlier this year, we kicked off 2022 with Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge during the month of January. The feedback we received about the challenge was overwhelmingly positive, and it’s clear that prompts serve as a helpful way to inspire people to write and to connect with other bloggers.

We want to keep that momentum going, so we’re excited to introduce a new set of prompts for creators of all types — whether they participated in Bloganuary or not. Meet WordPrompt, a single-word monthly exercise that aims to inspire you to create new posts, regardless of what or how you publish.

Are you a food blogger sharing recipes? We challenge you to cook up something interesting based on an individual word. 

Are you a photographer with an online portfolio? Show us how the prompt is represented in picture form.

Do you host a podcast or a vlog? We’d love to witness how a single word inspires an episode.

Whatever you publish, we hope you find inspiration in WordPrompts. To join in on the fun, add “WordPrompt” as a tag to your post, allowing your content to be discovered more easily in the Reader, and use the hashtag #WordPrompt when you share your post on social media.

This month’s WordPrompt is:


You can find new WordPrompts on our social channels and in our newsletter each month, so be sure to follow us and/or enable the newsletter emails in your account to participate!

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  1. Susie Lindau

    I LOVE this idea! It will inspire me to blog more often. 💚

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  2. chinuephillips58

    Love this idea

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  3. Monty Vern

    One word prompts are more flexible than questions but there are a vast number of one word prompt sources available on a daily basis let alone monthly. I’ll give this a go since it may create more community and connection via participation, but I have my reservations that one word per month can achieve much momentum.

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  4. Sam "Goldie" Kirk

    I’m with Monty. Skeptical.

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    So nice

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  6. John Jr

    I am glad that something like this is being brought back after the loss of the previous official efforts like this, like The Daily Post blog.

    I think that adding a weekly WordPrompt as well would be nice, and maybe even a daily one as well.

    Thank you.

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  7. smkelly8

    I still miss the Weekly Photo Challenge. Individuals have created other weekly challenges that filled that void but few have the large community WP has. At least this is something.

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  8. mrangjunboons2017s

    this green is a cool word.

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  9. Natasha Ruhwald

    Oh this is a good one for spring! Got me inspired. I like to write fantasy short stories based on these prompts.

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  10. groundedbirdman

    When I was in grad school decades ago, a professor wrote a single word on the blackboard , It was a weekly night class. The word wars Fometzonian, Which as far as I know is not a real word. I scored an AU on that. I took formats on the end to be the last name of an old Armenian man and wrote about him, of course totally fiction it was fun.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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  11. faruqbusari79

    I love this ❤️ 💫
    Sending you positive vibes

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  12. Tutul

    Love this idea

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  13. Coach Erick

    Hello, this feature sound really inspiring

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  14. Abdulhamid Ishola

    Sound good

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  15. Chef Ezekiel Oton

    I’m in love with this idea..

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  16. Alanna

    Sorely needed after WordPress bailing out of the photo challenge and daily post a couple years ago!
    Thank you

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    YAAAAAY!!!! Now I can learn much more!!! Thank you so much for the platform especially for a NOBODY who seeks help to learn so that ANYBODY can read my pages too •́ ‿ ,•̀

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  18. Doumoyo Precious

    Nice 💯

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  19. Temple Ibekwe

    Wow, I can’t wait to check this out

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  20. irdab123

    Excellent initiative!! Since a lot of people work on the same word, it motivates us to work better and see how we compare with the rest. Do keep up the good work:)

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  21. wrookieschu

    Such a great idea. I loved Bloganuary and was really sad when it had to end so this is really appreciated ☺️

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  22. Technology Thriving

    I love this idea.

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  23. willowdot21

    This is a great idea, thanks for the prompt.
    I have just joined in 💜

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  24. Melody Song

    I have been awaiting the next monthly wordprompt, really pleased it is here 😁👌

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  25. ScubaHankNYC

    These are fun challenges.

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  26. Abdi Nasir

    It’s smart idea

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  27. Maqsoodarab

    I love to meet more and more people to be a good memory and good friends

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    I love this idea

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  29. SaniaDiary

    Voila! Its gonna rock.

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  30. Nadeem Hussain109


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  31. poshymama

    I am just learning, but ready

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  32. Dr Maqsood Qureshi

    I love this idea

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  33. Hammad Rais

    Sounds really amazing and I will be more than happy to participate 🙂

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  34. nwayoonway

    Nice idea

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  35. Ashwin Ingle

    These are fun challenges

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  36. Justjubi

    This will be fun. I have started writing on Green wordprompt. Although I am learning. Anyway hope you guys will like my blog. Support thank you

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  37. Jenny Black

    I succumb one word promote ones writing, n also green is a very wonderful word

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  38. Mohammad Soheil

    I agree with this argument good idea

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  39. Loyalsamuel

    I love this site

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  40. bluestarbinocular

    Great ideas ~ green it is!

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  41. Thulani Mbuyazi

    Hello 🤩 prompts Am just exercising to give a word

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  42. Ahunwa Bright

    Great idea

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  43. Octavia Boyd

    Sounds awesome! I would love to join

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  44. rian adam


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  45. MIAJI Training and Assessment Centre Inc

    Thanks for taking care of our business and letting us build our own website thru this site. I am very grateful!

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  46. Ritish

    Man i am completely new to all this! But still I loved this idea. Despite having missed bloganuary, I will joing this month’s challenge🤩

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    • Justjubi

      Hi ritesh you can follow me and subscribe my site. And learn many things for building website. Grab tips and ideas and also Update yourself with english.

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  47. 7c6k


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  48. kamola

    Nice, I want to participate 😀

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  49. Anjali Baxla

    Hello word prompts!


  50. Angelina

    Cute little game


  51. Uchola Sabastine

    This is great


  52. Tega Joe

    Love this 💚



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  54. clararidings

    I’m excited! Thank you for doing this. I just scheduled my “green” post to go live tomorrow.


  55. Alex-S

    Yes, thank you! I need inspiration to write my posts!


  56. BIN JUNG



  57. temmytee89



  58. molzeppa

    I’m game – I’m a little late on the April WordPrompt – but I published it anyway!


  59. Arushtiwari

    Really good idea


  60. dlanchoescultor

    no entiendo el ingles

    El mar, 5 abr 2022 a las 17:39, News () escribió:

    > Mindy Postoff posted: ” Earlier this year, we kicked off 2022 with > Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge during the month of January. The > feedback we received about the challenge was overwhelmingly positive, and > it’s clear that prompts serve as a helpful way to inspire people ” >


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