The Spearhead Theme: A Minimal Design and Clean Slate for All Content Creators

Initially conceived as a theme for podcasting, Spearhead is a blank canvas for all types of content creators and fully supports the latest multimedia blocks.

When AngelList and Venture Hacks co-founder Babak Nivi came to us and wanted to donate a theme, our team was excited to work on the design to make it available to everyone on for free. Designed by Cece Yu and originally developed for the Spearhead podcast, the new Spearhead theme is fully block-powered and the first among our themes to support dark mode.

Spearhead works seamlessly with the block editor, supporting a wide range of blocks — Audio, Video, Image, TikTok, Loom, and many more — so you can customize posts and pages as you like and showcase various types of content, from podcast episodes to video tutorials and more. And while Spearhead shines as a theme for media, its sparse design also displays long-form writing and text and images beautifully.

Spearhead comes with some block patterns, or collections of predefined blocks, to give you a boost as you start building your site. There are a couple of patterns you can use to show a list of places where people can listen to your podcast, as well as a custom archive page.

Being the first theme on to support dark mode, Spearhead’s default color scheme has a white background, but if your operating system shifts into dark mode, the theme will change and display a dark background with light text.

Our team especially loves the theme’s clean design, which lets the content you create shine through. Your listeners and readers can sit back with their cup of coffee — headphones on — and enjoy your latest episode and read along with the transcript!

Explore the Spearhead demo site to see the design in action, and then visit the Spearhead page to activate the theme.

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  2. baafiprincebfi

    I like it

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    will there be video support for and available?

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  5. studentexpert

    Many thanks!

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    Brilliant, thanks!

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  9. Nashema Houston

    I love you for this omg where have you been for my last 3yrs

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  10. Bryan

    Love the Dark Mode 👍

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  11. terrydilworth564gmailcom

    Hi guys Love this Dark Mode

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  12. Anongirl1999

    It looks great

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  13. MsAdventure

    I want this on my second blog! It’s so clean! ❤ Thank you!

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  14. Jacob Cardel

    A creative and marvelous upgrade. Keep it up WordPress!

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  15. rajindersinghbajwa

    Very interesting !

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  17. Metro Square

    Beautiful design, simply and clean. I love Minimal.

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  18. Markus Zametter

    Dark mode sounds like a really cool feature! 🙂

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