Block Patterns

Block Patterns are a collection of predefined blocks that you can insert into posts and pages and then customize with your own content. Using a Block Pattern can reduce the time required to create content on your site, as well as being a great way to learn how different blocks can be combined to produce interesting effects.

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How to Use a Block Pattern

  1. Click the + icon to add a new block.
  2. Click on the Patterns tab.
  3. Click on the pattern you wish to insert and the pattern is inserted in the document at the location of your cursor.
GIF demonstrating how to add a block pattern
Adding a block pattern

💡 Both Page Layouts and Block Patterns can be used to create layouts that can then be customized with your own content.

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How to Customize a Block Pattern

Once you insert a Block Pattern, the blocks can be edited in the same way as any other blocks.

Click in any block to edit the content within the block.

You can also add more blocks (and Block Patterns) to your page anywhere you want. For more information on using the Block editor, check out our guide for the WordPress Editor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the default images within Block Patterns on my own site?

Yes! The images provided within Block Patterns and Page Layouts are free to use on your site. However, because these images are being referenced from an external source (i.e. they are not added to your site’s Media Library), there is always a chance they could change or be removed.

We recommend replacing these images with your own content. For help with adding images to your site, check out our guide to Images. You can also find images using the Free Photo Library.

Will Block Patterns be changed? Will changes to patterns that I use impact my site?

New Block Patterns will be continuously added and existing Block Patterns may be changed or removed over time. However, once you add a Block Pattern to your site, there is no link to the original pattern in the Add Block menu, and any subsequent changes would not impact anything on your site’s pages or posts.

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