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Why Am I Still Seeing in my Domain?

Have you recently connected or registered a new custom domain name for your site, but still see in the site address when you visit your website?

This quick guide will show you how to set your new custom domain name as your primary site address so that the address is no longer visible.

  1. First, go to My Site in the top left of your account.
  2. Then, click Upgrades → Domains
  3. Once you’re on your Site Domains management page, click the ellipses (three dots) to the right of the domain you want to set as your site address
the Site Domains page with an arrow pointing to the ellipses menu at the right of a custom domain.
  1. Once you click the ellipses next to your domain name, a menu will appear with the option Make Primary Address. Click that option to set your domain name as your primary site address.
the Domain settings menu with the cursor over "Make primary address".

Now, when people visit your custom domain name or your website, they will not see the site address. Instead, they’ll see your custom domain name in their website’s address bar.

Watch a step-by-step below.

Why don’t I see the Make Primary Address option in this menu?

In order to set a custom domain as the primary address on your site, the site needs to have an active, paid plan.

If you still can’t set this option, you can contact Support for additional help.

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