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All WordPress.com sites are packed with awesome features including best-in-class hosting, essential features to speed up your site performance and protect it from spammers, and a pre-installed SSL certificate ensuring privacy and safety. If you would like to take your site to the next level, we suggest exploring our plans.

On this page, we highlight the most important features you’ll get from upgrading to a WordPress.com plan. Click here to view pricing.

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WordPress.com Free

You can create a beautiful, simple website in minutes on the free version of WordPress.com. With this plan, you will have:

  • A .wordpress.com site address
  • Dozens of free themes
  • An unlimited number of pages and posts
  • One website administrator
  • 1GB of media storage

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WordPress.com Starter

With the Starter plan, you can:

Custom Domain

Our plans come with a registered domain for the first year and we currently offer a wide variety of TLDs (top-level domains, sometimes referred to as extensions) including .com, .net, and .org. Having a paid plan on your site allows you to set your domain as your site’s primary address.

Domain registration page showing an available domain with pricing.

If you already own a domain with another registrar, you can also connect it to your WordPress.com site.

Learn how to register a domain.

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WordPress.com Pro

With the Pro plan, in addition to everything included in the Starter plan, you can:

  • Personalize your website with a custom domain name. Registering a custom domain is free for one year with annual or two-year plans.
  • Use third-party services, including plugins, themes, codes, and ad networks like Google AdSense.
  • Create an online store.
  • Enjoy 50GB of storage space.
  • Unlimited website administrators.
  • Use advanced SEO tools.
  • Upload audio and video files.
  • Access Premium themes developed especially for WordPress.com.
  • Add Custom CSS.
  • Remove all WordPress.com advertising.
  • Make money from advertising.
  • Connect to Google Analytics.
  • Access high-quality support from our Happiness Engineers.

If your site has a lot of media files like pictures and documents, you may reach a point where your media library gets full. Fear not! The Pro plan comes with 50GB of storage. That’s 50 times the storage compared to the free plan!

Learn more about storage management on WordPress.com and what files can be uploaded.


Don’t want our ads to appear on your site? With the Pro plan, those ads will disappear:

On the Pro plan, you can also choose to show ads on your site to earn money for yourself. Learn how to monetize your WordPress.com site.


WordPress.com Pro sites are packed with awesome features for SEO, social media, and more. Sometimes, though, you may want to use an external service that’s not already built into our platform. For that, you can install plugins from the WordPress repository or upload custom plugins you’ve found elsewhere.

Learn how to install plugins on WordPress.com.


WordPress.com has a large collection of themes. Can’t find a layout that would work for your site? With the WordPress.com Pro plan, you can install a theme that comes from a third-party author at no extra cost.

Learn how to install custom themes on WordPress.com.


Looking to create an online store? With the Pro plan, you can install the WooCommerce plugin – the most popular eCommerce tool in the WordPress ecosystem. Sell products, collect payments from 60+ countries, integrate with top shipping carriers, install themes specifically designed for an online store, and do everything else you could possibly want when selling online.

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