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All sites are packed with awesome features, including best-in-class hosting, Jetpack essential features to speed up your site performance and protect it from spammers, and a pre-installed SSL certificate ensuring privacy and safety. If you want to take your site to the next level, we suggest exploring our upgraded plan options.

We currently offer four plans: Personal, Premium, Business, and Ecommerce; each is tailored to your needs. A plan applies to one site only. On this page, we highlight the most important features you’ll get from each upgraded plan. Click here to view pricing.


If you’re upgrading from one plan to another, you will only pay the difference in price based on how much time is left with your existing subscription. This will show as pro-rated credits on the plan page. Personal

With the Personal plan, in addition to receiving best-in-class hosting, Jetpack essential features, and a pre-installed SSL certificate, you can:

Custom Domain

Our annual, two-year, and three-year plans come with a custom-registered domain for the first year, and we currently offer a wide variety of TLDs (top-level domains, sometimes referred to as extensions). A paid plan on your site allows you to set your custom domain as your primary domain.

Domain registration page showing an available domain with pricing.

If the TLD you are looking for is unavailable or you already own a domain with another registrar, you can connect it to your site.

Learn more about registering a domain.


If your site has a lot of media files like pictures and documents, you may reach a point where your media library gets full. Fear not! The Personal plan comes with 6 GB of storage.

Learn more about storage management on and what files can be uploaded.

No Ads

Don’t want those ads to appear on your site? With the Personal plan, ads you and your visitors may see on your posts will disappear.

A message about advertisements that display on free sites with a graphic of a crossed through circle over the message.

Learn more about removing advertising on Premium

With the Premium plan, in addition to all of the great features included in the Personal plan plus best-in-class hosting, Jetpack essential features, and a pre-installed SSL certificate, you get:

Site Customization

Another advantage of the Premium plan is custom design. With the Premium plan, you can edit your site’s style directly using CSS code. Color, size, location: with CSS, you’ll be able to control the appearance of any HTML elements on your site.

Learn more about advanced customization on your site and how we can help with writing code.


Did you know your site can help you earn money? sites have ads you can disable if you have any of our paid plans. With the Premium and higher plans, you can keep the ads and make money out of WordAds, our advertising platform.

Learn how to monetize your site. Business

With the Business plan, in addition to all of the great features included in the Premium plan plus best-in-class hosting, Jetpack essential features, and a pre-installed SSL certificate, you will enjoy the following:

Video Storage

On the Premium plan, your videos count against your storage allotment of 13 GB. Videos do not count against your storage allotment on business or Ecommerce plans with plugins installed.

Plugins Business sites are packed with excellent features for SEO, social media, and more. Sometimes, you’ll want to use an external service not built into our platform. You can install plugins from the repository or upload custom plugins you’ve found elsewhere.

Learn how to install plugins on

Themes has an extensive collection of themes. Can’t find a layout that would work for your site? With the Business plan, you can install a theme from a third-party author at no extra cost.

Learn how to install custom themes on

You can see our plans to compare their features and pricing here. Ecommerce

Looking to create an online store? With the Ecommerce plan, you get all of the great features included in the Business plan, plus best-in-class hosting, Jetpack essential features, a pre-installed SSL certificate, and:

Storefront Powerpack

Powerpack is a powerful extension that provides hundreds of settings to fully customize your site, such as changing your store’s header layout, tweaking colors, fonts, and layouts of almost any element, changing text, checkout flow, and more.

WooCommerce Extensions

The Ecommerce plan includes many premium WooCommerce extensions pre-installed, such as UPS Shipping, Product Add-Ons, and more!

P2 has a new product in beta testing called P2. P2 is currently free. However, a paid version of P2 is in development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider buying a plan?

You don’t have to buy a plan until you’re ready to grow your audience or business. When you’re prepared to take the next step, we have different plans that suit your needs. 

Our plans are tailored to fit various needs, from writers needing a place to express their individuality to small business owners needing an ecommerce solution. 

How do I choose the right plan?

  1. Think of the functionalities you need and make a list.  
  2. Check out our Plans page to explore all the options you have available.  
  3. Get in touch with our Happiness Engineers, who can help you make the best choice for your needs. 

What if I change my mind?

We’ll work with you to change your plan. All you have to do is reach out to our Happiness Engineers to share your needs, and we’ll be happy to help you.

What if I get stuck?

If you’re ever stuck, our team is happy to answer any questions. You can reach out with all sorts of questions – from questions about navigating your account to specific how-to questions (we especially love these!!!) – and, of course, for any troubleshooting need.

Why should I pick to host my site?

There are several reasons why we believe we’re the best website builder in the world:

Why are you changing plans again?

In April 2022, we launched new pricing plans. As we began to roll out our new pricing plans, we took note of our customer’s voices and feelings. What we heard is that some of you missed the more granular flexibility of our previous plans. The features you needed and the pricing of the new plans didn’t overlap for some of you. Our philosophy has been one of experimenting, learning, and adjusting. That led to a decision that we believe is the right one. In July 2022, we returned to our familiar plans.

What plans are available for purchase right now?

You can purchase a Personal, Premium, Business, and Ecommerce plan. And we’re still offering a Free plan for anyone who wants to try without a commitment.

What will happen with the sites on the Starter or Pro plan? 

Customers who purchased a Starter or Pro plan can stick with that plan. Our team will work with you to choose the best plan for your needs in the future.

What will happen to the new Free sites?

We’ll be keeping the new Free plan that launched on March 31.

For clarity:

Will we still be able to buy add-ons with the Free or Starter plan?

Yes, you can buy add-ons with both Free and legacy Starter plans. However, they’re not available for purchase on our Personal, Premium, Business, or Ecommerce plans – since the features are already included in those plans.

What will happen to sites that purchased add-ons?

If you have purchased add-ons, you’ll be able to keep them. However, we can also help you switch to a plan that better suits your needs. 

What will happen to add-ons generally, going forward?

We’re always iterating on all of our products and services. We’re doing our best to evolve as our customers’ needs change. You grow, your site grows, and we grow right alongside you, so you can always depend on us.

What about CSS support?

CSS support is included with Premium, Business, and Ecommerce plans. It is not included with the Free, Personal, Starter, and Pro plans. While you can add your own CSS to your site on the Pro plan, support for the CSS code is only available to Premium, Business, and Ecommerce customers.

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