Top 10 Widgets for Bloggers

If you have a blog, you should learn more about the different widgets that offers. Selecting the right widgets can improve your blog for your readers and fans.

What are widgets?

Widgets are tools that you can place in the sidebar(s) or footer of your blog. Your current blog theme may already have widgets built into it that you can customize.

To see the widgets that are currently on your blog, along with how to use and customize them, go to: My Site > Customize > Widgets. widgets are a great way to make your blog easier to use, more attractive, and more engaging to your site’s visitors.

How to install widgets on your blog

Want to see how easy it is to add new widgets to your blog? Watch the short video below:

Top 10 Widgets for

Now that you know what widgets are and how to install them, it’s time to determine the best widget for your blog.

Some widgets are specific to certain types of blogging — a music blogger’s needs differ from a recipe blogger’s — but others are universally applicable.

1. Text Widget

This is one of the most popular widgets on because it’s universally applicable. The Text Widget is great for sidebar sections that showcase who you are or tell first-time visitors what your blog is about.

You can also insert your Gravatar image into the text widget, turning your Text Widget into an author bio. This is a great way to connect personally while establishing your credibility and expertise.

2. Tag Cloud Widget

The Tag Cloud Widget helps people find other interesting posts on your blog based on topics they’re interested in. For instance, if you have a “gluten-free” tag on your recipe blog, then when the visitor clicks that tag, they’ll find other gluten-free recipes you’ve created.

3. Categories Widget

The Categories Widget shows visitors the broad categories of your blog and finds content under the categories they’re interested in.

For instance, if someone visits your travel guide blog while planning their trip to Spain, they’re going to want to see more articles under your “Travel Spain” category than your “Travel Australia” category.

4. Recent Posts Widget

What’s new on your blog? This widget lets you display your latest blog posts in chronological order in your sidebar.

5. Blogroll Widget

Who are the other bloggers you admire? Give them some love in your sidebar blogroll. This increases the likelihood that they’ll include your blog in their blogroll as well, boosting your readership and your SEO.

6. Social Icons Widget

This is another widget that may already be included in your blog’s theme. This widget allows you to add a more customized version of your social media icons to link to your social media channels.

7. Instagram Widget

Is your Instagram account top-notch and relevant to your blog? Use this widget to display your most recent Instagram photos in your blog’s sidebar.

8. Flickr Widget

If you’re a serious photographer, you may have a Flickr account. Use this widget to display photos from your Flickr account in your blog’s sidebar.

9. Follow Blog Widget

Someone may visit your blog and love what they see, but what will keep them coming back for more? The Follow Blog Widget lets visitors submit their email address to subscribe to your blog.

10. Custom HTML Widget

Know a bit about coding and want to customize your own widget? This widget simplifies the process.

Use these widgets to make your blog even more awesome for your readers and fans.

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