Your theme is the visual design of your site. Themes take your content (i.e., pages, posts, text, images) and display it in that theme’s design. The theme defines where menus, the logo, and widgets appear on your website, as well as the default color scheme, fonts, and other design features.

Our guides will show you how to use themes on your site.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme is an important step at the beginning of creating your website. This guide will show you how to find themes and choose one that fits the vision you have for your site.

Set Up Your Theme

After choosing a theme, your next step will be to set up your theme to look exactly how you want. If you’re not sure how to get started, follow the steps on this page.

Add Demo Content

Demo content shows off everything a theme has to offer. You can add demo content to your site that you can later replace with your own text and images. Working with demo content can be much easier than starting with a blank site.

Change Your Theme

You can change the theme of your site as often as you like. This guide explains how to switch themes and make sure your site looks just the way you like.

Upload a Theme

This guide will show you how to upload any theme to your site.

Create a Child Theme

If you have knowledge of HTML and PHP, you can make changes to your theme’s underlying code by creating a child theme.

Delete a Theme

This guide will show you how to remove themes from your site.

Premium Themes

Our Premium themes feature intricate designs, exciting options for customization, and dedicated support.

Retired Themes

This guide explains what it means when a theme has been retired and what to do about it.

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