Create Websites for Real Estate Agents That Build Trust

Home buyers depend on real estate agents to give them advice, options, and above all else, honesty.

However, a survey conducted by Choice Home Warranty found that 67.5 percent of Americans don’t trust real estate agents. What steps can you take to establish and earn that all-important trust factor?

One of the best ways to cultivate trust is by creating positive first impressions. These days, first impressions don’t typically occur in person — they happen online.

Cultivating trust online is difficult, but with the right features and a website that truly stands out from the masses, it’s possible. Here’s an overview of the important features to include in a website for a real estate agent.

Show off your images

Home buyers want to see pictures, and plenty of them! Images are expected on websites for real estate agents, but how you display those images makes a big difference.

You have a few options to consider. It might be a good idea to create a portfolio of your properties. You can also place images of the interiors of each home into a gallery that can be expanded into a full-screen carousel. Don’t hesitate to use both options — the more pictures you show, the more home buyers will be enticed to visit your properties in real life.

Providing virtual tours with video is also a great option. You want prospective home buyers to visualize themselves walking through their potential future homes.

Build trust with a blog

Crafting a blog for your website adds a unique value for clients. It showcases your real estate expertise and more of your personality, helping home buyers understand that you’re a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent.

You want to keep your blog informative so it delivers value. Ask yourself, “What information will help my clients the most?” Creating content that answers these common questions will help establish your expertise and authority in your space. But don’t shy away from showcasing success stories from your business as well!

You can also address common real estate questions on your site so that prospective clients believe that you care enough to answer home buyers’ questions.

Make yourself available

Another key element that goes into real estate websites is a contact form that encourages prospective customers to reach out.

You may want to place your contact form on a dedicated contact page, but including one on every page is ideal. This helps you collect essential contact information — including names, emails, and phone numbers — regardless of where a home buyer is on your website.

Prove your past success

A key part of earning trust online is by using social proof, or evidence that other people worked with you and enjoyed it.

An estimated 90 percent of people read online reviews to determine whether a product or service is right for them, according to Forbes. Spotlight previous home-buyers-turned-homeowners with positive testimonials about their experiences working with you.

Cultivating trust among prospective clients is difficult, but not impossible. Include these features on your website to build credibility and relationships with new clients.

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