Collectors Assemble: Make Your Own Website to Share and Connect

Whether you want to share your collectibles or trade and sell rare items, a website can help you keep everything organized. A website can act as an online display case for your one-of-a-kind collection, which you can share with the world.

Follow the tips below to connect with others in your niche, and create your own website to display rare finds and treasured keepsakes.

Settling into your online home

Your website can take the place of a brick-and-mortar shop, but it has the added potential of reaching a wider audience. Your site’s homepage offers a place to display any certificates or credentials, such as a membership with The North American Collectibles Association.

Are you looking to create an online catalog of your personal collection? A portfolio may be a way to shine a spotlight on your most prized items, and a blog is an ideal space to share your experiences while finding and collecting them.

Feature your finds

When it comes to promoting a business or showcasing items, photos are priceless. Have something to sell or trade? Upload your own original images. Looking for or writing about particular items that your collection is missing? Use’s photo library to enhance your posts.

You can select from numerous themes equipped with gallery pages, image sliders, or portfolios which let you add images and descriptions right from your publishing page. The Gather theme comes in three custom colors, offers a social menu, and includes various layout options for an added touch of customization.

Be sure to include “Contact” and “About” pages, and make sure that your site’s navigation menu includes headers that reflect your brand or passion. Depending on the direction you’re going in, you might add “Rare Books,” “Toys and Games,” or “Trade With Me” pages.

Connect with others in your space

To succeed in the collectibles industry, making connections can be as priceless as your collections themselves. But, how does someone who appreciates the time and effort that goes into curating a collection find you and vice versa? According to Google, if your site is search engine-friendly and contains images with descriptions, you can improve your chance of being discovered through search engine results.

A publishing platform like provides plenty of helpful search engine optimization advice, taking some of the guesswork out of uploading photos, writing blog posts, and connecting with professionals on your preferred social media platforms.

Finally, creating and sending newsletters is another way to promote your site and online presence, show off your latest finds, and connect with other collectors in your space.

Get serious

If your goal is to become a serious collector, dealer, or educator, take some advice from ToughNickel and do even more than make your own website. Hold seminars, network with real estate agents (to discover estate sales), hire “bird dogs” to match you with buyers and sellers, read, research, and learn something new about your trade every chance you get.

Grow your following alongside your collection

After you build a site for your collection and connect with others, check out a few more ways to generate a loyal following of readers and fans.


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