Office Automation Tools to Lighten Your Entrepreneurial Load

Office automation tools are stress reducers, especially if you wear several entrepreneurial hats — bookkeeper, blogger, cook, chief, or other roles small-business owners play all at once. Business software, apps, and the plugins available to plugin-enabled plan users can also cut costs and desk time.

Here’s how automation modernizes, simplifies, and improves your e-commerce experience, leaving more time to generate leads and close sales.

Setting up shop

A well-equipped online shop, such as the Store, trims some of your e-commerce responsibilities. For starters, the Store handles tax calculations, allowing you to set up efficient shipping procedures and promotions while also adding product names, descriptions, and quantities to avoid selling more than you stock.

Accessing Store features

By adding an automated payment system, such as PayPal or Stripe, your Store’s supporters can make purchases whenever they like, tentatively increasing your bottom line — savvy, successful entrepreneurs always watch for creative ways to make more money.

Other benefits of adding a payment button? No more handling sensitive debit and credit card information by phone or email, which leaves time and mental bandwidth for building your venture.

Stepping up your bookkeeping game

Do you hand a box of receipts and invoices to your accountant at the end of each year? Or perhaps you spend days painstakingly balancing your books in a 20- or 30-column general ledger every month?

If so, it’s time to modernize your money-tracking method with bookkeeping software, or a plugin such as WooCommerce Book Keeper. An automated bookkeeper calculates your income and expenses, and tracks financial progress on graphs.

Enhancing your email experience

Instead of envying your peers’ eye-catching emails, tap into their secret: email templates. They make emails appear expertly designed, helping businesses stand out as professional and trustworthy.

You can use these email templates to:

  • Send birthday wishes (and maybe discounts) to your newsletter subscribers.

  • Advertise seasonal markdowns or promotions, such as “Summer’s coming: Get your beach cabanas and board shorts while they’re hot and in stock!”

  • Announce a grand opening, anniversary sale, moving sale, or holiday discount.

Tip: Choose a user-friendly email template that doesn’t require coding experience.

Remember to enable your website’s automation features. Email Forwarding lets you create up to five email forwards for your business domain, while Email Notifications alert you of new followers, comments, and more.

Creating a buzz about your blog

It’s no secret that connecting with supporters (and potential leads) on social media improves brand recognition. But bouncing between social platforms takes time and commitment. Social media tools like Publicize allow you to schedule post submissions, resurface useful archived stories, and keep your social channels updated with fresh content.

Remember to check your stats page to track your social influence. stats page

Syncing your ship

As captain of your entrepreneurial vessel, chances are you gather information from the internet, your team, and your imagination when pulling together projects. With a synchronization app, such as Simplenote, you can share, organize, backup, markdown, and publish workable notes to your website from any device at any time.

Tracking time

A hardcover daily planner won’t send email or text notifications to save you from missing a lunch date with a potential investor. Office automation tools, such as a calendar plugin or Google Calendar, on the other hand, remind you about scheduled business events, meetings, projects, and your days off.


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