3 Blog Collaboration Strategies That Will Build Your Brand

When it comes to building your brand as a blogger, your reputation is almost as important as your content. The right endorsement or shout-out from another blogger can help you reach a much bigger audience than you could on your own.

But how do you go about building those relationships? Here are three blog collaboration strategies that will help you boost your brand, create value for your new partners, and win over even more fans.

1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an incredibly effective strategy for marketing on a budget. As Search Engine Journal points out, writing a guest post for another blog can help you drive traffic to your site, build backlinks that improve your search engine optimization (SEO) performance, generate new leads, and build brand authority. However, site owners are often inundated with offers to write a guest post, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd when approaching them about a potential blog collaboration.

To get the attention of a particular blog owner, it’s good to invest some time in building a relationship with them before making your pitch. You can do so by commenting on their posts, sharing their posts, or chatting with them on social media about shared interests. Then when you contact them about writing a guest post later on, they’ll already know who you are. What’s more, since they’ve already seen you promoting their content, there’s a good chance that they’ll be more open to a partnership with you.

2. Social media collaboration

A social media collaboration with a well-known blogger or influencer in your area of expertise can significantly raise your brand’s profile, too. According to Social Media Examiner, this kind of collaboration can take a variety of forms: a short-term campaign in which you jointly share the rewards, a cross-promotion arrangement in which you promote each other’s content to your respective audiences, a content placement agreement in which you periodically share each other’s content with your respective audiences, or a longer-term partnership of some sort.

When considering a social media collaboration with another brand or blogger, it’s important to honor the trust your audience has placed in you and make sure that the collaboration makes sense from their vantage point. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that any partnership you pursue aligns with your branding as well as your audience’s tastes and preferences. Once you’ve picked a blogger or brand to approach, sketch out your goals for a potential social media collaboration along with some ideas on how you might execute it, highlighting how the joint venture would benefit your partner and their audience as well.

3. Joint promotions or contests

Teaming up with another blogger, influencer, or brand on a joint promotion or contest is another highly effective method for engaging your audience. For example, you could create a special contest in which the winner receives a special prize or a giveaway or you could offer each other’s fans an exclusive discount on your products or services. If you and your partner each sweeten the pot with something of value, your supporters might find your offer even more exciting.

Build your brand through blog collaboration

When building your brand as a blogger, collaborative relationships can help you establish trust with new audiences. By guest blogging, engaging in social media collaboration, and offering special joint promotions, you can raise your profile and drive more traffic to your site, all while delivering value for everyone involved.

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