Post a Day Participants Have Much to be Proud of

Last week we asked you guys to tell us how your Post a Day / Post a Week progress is coming along, and how it feels to have completed two months of the challenge. Your responses blew us away — you guys are really kicking butt! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Here are some of the comments you shared:

“I have written more in two months this year than I did in six months last year.” – Jim Adcock

“Daily blogging has helped me go deeper into my writing and to better connect thought dots. I sort of view it as a public journal — and it’s helping me find my voice.” – Patbean

“In some of my first posts, I wrote about my reluctance to sit down and write. That reluctance is gone and I post every day, usually 250-350 words. The writing is much faster and even more enjoyable than before.” – Zol H

“I knew that other responsibilities (AKA “real life”) would prevent me from posting daily, so I signed on for Post a Week with plans to post more often when possible… and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.” – Margaret

“There are good, and there are bad days. All in all, a wonderful experience thus far. And I’ve met some really awesome bloggers who are onto this challenge as well.” – Genn

“I have unintentionally started doing a post a week. I had no plans for it, but it’s just kind of happened. The results are higher traffic on my site, and more interaction with the community. It’s been lots of fun!” – B.C. Young

“Two months ago, I barely could remember how to get to my dashboard…My teens cheer and tell me to give myself a gold star. :)” – Katharine Trauger

“I’m having so much fun writing I’ve started a second blog just for photography.” – Alexy Saltekoff

“The best part of this whole thing is meeting new people. The interaction with the other bloggers is what makes it so much fun!” – Kattsby

“I am enjoying that the process gets a little easier with each passing day…I am thrilled that my readership has tripled. I am happy that I have made a commitment and I have been sticking with it, despite the hurdles.” – Masaya Mahanta

“The part that is the most fun for me is going through each day with a writer’s eye, seeking out that thing, that experience, that issue or news story that I can comment on in my own unique way.” – Andrew

“At first it was really hard, however after the first month or so it has simply become a habit – something I do everyday like brushing my teeth.” – Mlovergaard

“In January and February I’ve had more visits to my blog than I did in all of 2010! How cool is that?!” – Ken Cavanaugh

Read more at You made it through month two! How does it feel?

Not yet a challenge participant? It’s not too late to join! Sign up here.

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  1. I love blogging! I started doing one everyday, but felt like it was a little too much for my readers (I followed my stats) and then went down to every other day and it seems better. I’ve found that writing regularly helps me with ideas too.


  2. Olá a todos, estou adorando participar dos tópicos, como li um comentário concordo, que o mais interessante foi conhecer outros blogueiros, isso é muito bom, todos queremos ter amigos. E o legal de tudo é o crescimento do blog, todos gostam não?
    Obrigada por tudo, e abraços a todos!


  3. I have been blogging since the first of the year…every day…I wanted to write about “MY KIDS!”as I call them…Special needs students that I worked with over 30 years…I find myself also blogging about other issues…I hope this is a sign of growth…What a release to write about what you love and see others enjoy…


  4. OMG.

    I did it just now 68th time – every single day a post (sorry for mostly posting only in German). I stored 5 posts ready to post local for days without any ideas. But I never used them because I wrote every day a new text.

    And it was often a self-torturing to write something interesting (so I got my week of the music).

    But I’ll continue – maybe with some new English texts.

    Blog on!


  5. It’s sometimes confusing whether to write in English or Indonesian. Ya, that’s a language thing that a part of readers understand and a few of them don’t. Any suggestion…?


    1. i’d love to read more posts in Indonesian. After all, it’s not too different from malay. 🙂


  6. I created a separate blog called and participating on Post a day program with that. This has enabled me to write more and write faster than ever before.


  7. Love this challenge, and nowadays I’m looking forward to writing in the morning…

    I’ve given up Facebook for Lent [even though I’m not RC], so hopefully I’ll find more time to read more posts by others.

    today’s post


  8. This is an amazing accomplishment, and you’ve inspired post-a-week(ish) writers like me to ponder the kind of internal reward that comes from such a feat.

    Congrats to all who are participating! 🙂


  9. Post once a day? Wow, that’s really good. I post once a week, a rule that I set for myself and that seems to work for me, in regards to time available. I might get brave and try once a day in the future. (I’ve only done that in my personal journals in the past.)
    What commitment and discipline it must take!


  10. Just posted my first content for March yesterday…I believe I will join in the fray here and post at least once a week…

    Nice job everyone!


  11. Sometimes I have gone to pictures and a few words in order to keep up with the daily demand. I love this year, and I think one reason is that I am challenged to write daily! I really like Word Press.


  12. The interaction with other bloggers is the best part!!!
    I wish I had the time to write every day, but I do my best anyway. I love getting feedback and know people enjoy what I write.


  13. I write whenever I get inspiration. If I’ve got nothing I don’t force myself. I don’t really believe in discipline but congrats to everyone who does 🙂 Blogging helps me develop and write ideas I otherwise would forget or neglect. Initially I had no idea how to check stats (technology is so complicated) and honestly thought that only my facebook friends were reading it but then I saw the numbers. Wow. Definitely don’t have that many friends. This changes everything 🙂 But no pressure. There is something to be said about the process of writing something down and releasing it out there in the world for everyone to judge.


  14. This is the first I’ve heard of Post a Day / Post a Week and it sounds like a fun idea. I hadn’t been blogging regularly until I heard about the National Blog Posting Month last November. I started that on 11/01 and kept blogging everyday for the next 100 days. The best thing for me was meeting other bloggers and seeing more hits to my blog. I have no idea where they came from or how they found me, but it was still fun!