If you could read minds for a day, would you?

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If you could read minds for a day, would you?

Whose? What would you want to find out?

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  1. We’ve had this question before I think! Never mind I will still answer. Last time I said No because I have enough trouble reading my own mind …. But on second thoughts. I might be interested to know what goes on in my husbands mind sometimes. Of course it could all backfire and I would then know something that I would have been better off not knowing.
    See what a mean about my own mind?


  2. Fun topic! Oh, and hey and is it possible to have the topic # corrected? Today’s topic is #65, but today is the 67th day of the year. I like to trackback to The Daily Post blog, but the misnumbering is messing that up.

    Thanks, as always.


  3. No, I think I would pass. Think about how many times you think something and only a second later you are sorry you did. People think thoughts and analyze so quickly, but those first thoughts could be devastating…..


  4. If you could choose whose minds you could read instead of everyone’s random thoughts that would be better. I’d listen in on people in the cars around me sat at the traffic lights, or tune in to those people you see every day but are part of the scenery like the postman or carpark attendant. I’d love to know what they’re thinking as they go about their business. After one day it would probably be very exhausting!


  5. I’d want to read the minds of some of the Immigration Department staff and definitely the Minister. I’d like to know how they think – or, if in fact they actually do think at all.


  6. Não muito obrigada, não gostaria não. Já pensou que perigo?
    prefiro ser o que sou, está bom assim.
    Abraços a todos!


  7. I often thought if there were three intangible things that were impossible to do what would you choose?

    My three would be:

    Reading peoples minds. As the current blog suggests. Doesn’t matter who. Especially women. Who knows what goes on in a woman’s brain. I don’t think even women know.

    My second would be time travel. Would I go to the future? Don’t know. I would rather go in the past to rewrite some wrongs and correct some regrets. Nothing that would drastically reshape the future, only to be more secure and less regretful. However, going back in time would only apply to your own life. Not history.
    Thirdly, I would want to be invisible at a moments notice. Whenever I wanted to be invisible, I would just command myself to cloak myself. I could just imagine what’s going through everybody’s head right now as you are reading this. I guess you could relate this and reading minds as well. Do we have a conscious? Especially men? We have to ask ourselves this question. Ponder that one!


  8. Would I like to read minds? Not really. There’s so much going on inside my head already that I couldn’t absorb more.

    Seen “Stranger than Fiction”? Harold Crick begins to hear a voice in his head. It belongs to author Karen Eiffel, who writes his story. She doesn’t know that he’s real, and now she’s trying to figure out how he should die. Harold doesn’t want to die, so he must find her before it’s too late.


  9. I’d be a little apprehensive about what I’d see! And is there an On/Off button? What if I see something I don’t want to see then can’t get it out of my head?
    Nah, I’m ok with serene oblivion. 🙂


  10. I don´t want this, is too dangerous, I will probably went to congress and start to interview the congressman only to make sure that the absolute 100% of them are genuines liers.


  11. That is something I’ve been trying to do most of my life and is exactly why I’ve struggled so much with high anxiety. I’m working on letting go of the need to read others minds. I think if I really were able to read others minds, it might send me right back to square one with all the changes in my emotional growth.