How to sign up: PostADay / PostAWeek

Here are two challenges we’re organizing: Post A Day and Post A Week.  You can pick which, and then you’ll be committed to posting once a day, or once a week, for all of 2011.  We’ll support and encourage you from this blog every step of the way.

You can join up any time – don’t worry if a few days or weeks have gone by, start now.

Signing up is simple – do the following:

  1. Post on your blog that you’re participating (you can grab a sample post here).
  2. Start using the tag postaday2011 or postaweek2011 with your posts (tips on tagging here).
  3. Subscribe to The Daily Post via email thru the sidebar, or via RSS, and you’ll start getting reminders and inspiration every day.
  4. If you’d like a badge for your blog’s sidebar, get one here!

Once we see your first post, it will help us get a sense for how many people are involved in each program.

And if you need a new blog, it’s easy – go here to grab one.

Got it? Awesome. Glad you’re on board.

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    1. What a marvelous concept! I’m in and will be blogging once a week.
      For me the challange will be to well… WRITE! I’ve never been the consistent type. It’s going to be fun. (Atleast I hope so).

      Cheers from a snowy Sweden and let’s make 2011 one hell of a good year?


  1. i want to join post a day because writing gives me vitality. And, i suppose if i expect to generate readership i need to be posting more frequently. As it i now i write at least once a day but it is not always a blog. I write with Technorati and i would like an easier way to get all my writings under one roof


  2. Great idea. I’m gonna take the postaday2011 challenge, and I got my new Android phone with the WordPress App that’ll help even if I’m nowhere near a computer. I can also use the phone in technique and do audio posts over the phone if I get really stuck, and add the tag in later.

    I suppose this doesn’t stop you doing more than one if you really get the urge on a particular day, either!


  3. I have five blogs, all for different purposes, and I post on at least one of them every day, sometimes more than one, and I post at least once a week on each of them. Does that count?