Special Webinar on March 28: WooCommerce 101 — How to Set Up a Store

Our upcoming webinar will help you get started with your e-commerce site.

Are you taking your first steps in selling a product or service online and don’t know where to start? Be sure to register for our upcoming WooCommerce 101 webinar, where our expert Happiness Engineers will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up an online store with WooCommerce and WordPress.com managed hosting.

Webinar details

  • Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 
  • Time: 16:00 UTC  | 18:00 CEST | 12pm EDT | 9:00am PDT  
  • Cost: Free
  • Who’s invited: business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, service providers, store owners, and anyone else who wants to sell a product or service online.

What you’ll learn

Whether you’re an e-commerce veteran or this is your first business, join us for the inside scoop on launching a store that’s fully customizable, completely yours, and ready to grow from the start. In this live webinar, our Happiness Engineer will demonstrate how to:

  • Instal Woo on your existing WordPress site
  • Use the setup wizard to get up and running fast
  • Set up simple products, basic shipping, and tax support
  • Collect payments through WooCommerce Payments and other gateways

No previous e-commerce experience is necessary, but we recommend a basic familiarity with WordPress.com to ensure you can make the most from the webinar. A Q&A session will follow the walkthrough, so be sure to bring any questions you might have!
Seats are limited, so register now to reserve your spot. See you then!

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  1. Susanfai

    How can I be part

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  2. Barb Pequignot

    Will there be a replay? I can’t make this time/day.

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    I’m from Barbados, would this work for Barbados? it songs good, but I don’t know if woo would work in my country.

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    • Jerry B

      WooCommerce will work in most countries without issue. Typically the two questions you will want to solve is who will handle your shipping, and who will handle the processing of payments.

      For Barbados, I see that PayPal is an option for processing payments. You can see we offer that for your country here.

      For shipping you may need to do a bit of research and see what other stores in your area are using for on-island and off-island shipping, but it is likely that would work with Woo.

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  4. ckrtudu

    How I register

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  5. Scarlt's Movingcompanyllc

    Thanks Jerry B for the link.

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  6. shaxespeare2015

    Hello, I’m interested. I’m Nigerian, will it work in my Country?

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  7. mash1997

    its not easy to take those steps

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  8. Ahmed Siraj

    How I register

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  9. Ascensials Life

    I received your notice of a class on March 28, on April 3rd? Will there be a recorded version to watch?

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  10. achat1856


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  11. Digital Sahulat

    Okay 👌👍

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  12. mydigitalwebsite.com


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  13. prabhat0406

    I am from Bangladesh. can it works here?

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  14. brendawriting

    I didn’t get to register for this workshop in time. Is there a video or another workshop> I am really interested n this. Thank You

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