Changing the Narrative: New Black x Tech Stock Photo Collection

Automattic’s Cocoamattic ERG Partners with to release a collection of 90+ images featuring Black people interacting with technology.

Ask and most small business owners or bloggers will tell you how difficult it can be to find high-quality, openly licensed stock photography for their websites. If a campaign or website calls for diverse and inclusive stock photography, you’ll more than likely come up short. 

That’s why is excited to announce the release of the Black x Tech stock photography collection! The Cocoamattic ERG, an employee resource group at Automattic, partnered with to release a collection of 90+ beautiful photos of Black people interacting with technology. Nappy, a company on a mission to increase the representation of Black and Brown people in openly licensed stock photography, was a natural fit to collaborate on the initiative. Nappy co-founder Jacques Bastien is a long time WordPress user, and shares the same passion for open source. 

Cocoamattic ERG co-lead Santana Inniss said of the collection, “Cocoamattic is a group that represents Black/African diaspora employees working at Automattic. Part of our mission is to increase representation of Black folks in tech. We know how impactful representation can be, and seeing yourself represented in media about technology can be the jumping off point for getting into a career in tech.” 

Seeing that representation of Black folks creating or engaging with technology was sorely lacking in stock photography, Cocoamattic wanted to tackle the problem head on. Santana continues, “Getting a beautiful, authentic collection of stock photos representing Black folks onto was so important to us. We selected Nappy for the synergy of mission, but also because photos on are now indexed through”

Openverse, an aggregator of openly licensed media, makes the Black x Tech photos accessible from your website via the Media Library, or the Image and Gallery blocks.

Screenshot of accessing the Openverse media library from the Image Block on
Adding images via the Image Block
Adding images from the Media Library

If you’re looking to add diverse and inclusive photos to your site, that just got a whole lot easier with the Black x Tech photo collection, brought to you by Cocoamattic x Nappy. You can also view the collection directly on

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    Thanks for this. I had to use AI to create a romantic image of a black couple dressed in 1800s garb for my article on the Historical romances featuring Black couples in love, but couldn’t find any, at least not on Canva. I’m definitely looking into this!

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    A move in the right direction. I sometimes having difficulty finding diverse folks for stock photos.

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