Publish and Update WordPress Posts Directly From Ulysses

Ulysses integrates with WordPress to enable publishing and editing to WordPress from within the app.

If you use Ulysses for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, you already know that this Apple Design Award-winning writing app offers a focused, pleasant writing experience. You might also know that Ulysses publishes to WordPress with just a few clicks or taps. If so, you’ll be happy to hear that the newest version improves the already-smooth integration between WordPress and Ulysses.

For anyone who might be unfamiliar with the writing tool, Ulysses provides a distraction-free Markdown editor that is customizable to fit your style. Its powerful features help you organize your writing projects and be more productive. When you are satisfied with the content you’ve written, Ulysses can export the text into several formats. Most importantly, it is easy to publish your creation directly to your or self-hosted WordPress site.

Let’s take a closer look at how publishing from Ulysses to WordPress works. First, you will need to connect Ulysses to your WordPress account. If you are a user, you will simply input your user name and password. WordPress self-host users will also supply the URL of the WordPress site. Once the connection is made, Ulysses will also sync with your other devices. You’ll now be able to turn any text you write in Ulysses into WordPress blog posts via the app’s export feature. 

Ulysses is unique because it automatically transfers not only images and text but also other settings and characteristics. Some of its smart features include: 

  • Your text’s first heading will become your post’s title.
  • Keywords you attached in Ulysses will become tags or categories if they match your blog’s tags or categories.
  • If there’s an image attached to your text, it will become your post’s featured image.
  • If there’s a note attached to your text, it will become your post’s excerpt.

You can, of course, edit any of these smart settings during publishing. Furthermore, you can set your post’s slug and choose to publish instantly, schedule for later, or upload as a draft. This video walks you through the process.

And now for the big news — with the latest Ulysses version, you can also update previously published posts directly within the app, which adds even more convenience to your publishing workflow. Consider this common scenario: 

Sometimes when blogging, a typo or other issue escapes our notice, and we only spot it when looking at the published post or the post’s preview. Until now, Ulysses users needed to switch to WordPress to edit or publish the post a second time. With the latest version, that process is unnecessary. Editing text in Ulysses now enables you to update the corresponding WordPress blog post right within the app. During the publishing workflow, Ulysses will highlight the changes you’re about to make.

Ulysses’ newest version improves its time-saving integration with WordPress, making publishing and revising WordPress posts even more convenient than before.

Here’s a fun bonus! To celebrate this latest integration update, Ulysses is giving away five (5) free one-year licenses! To win, simply comment below, letting us know that you’d love to try the Ulysses app. Remember: this is an Apple product, so it only works with Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The first 5 people who ask for it in the comments will win. We’ll send the name and email address you supply when you comment to Ulysses and they’ll contact you with the details on how to claim your one-year license.

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  1. jwdwrites

    I would love to try this app, it sounds great! 😀

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  2. tara caribou

    I want to try this Ulysses app.

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  3. nolliebee

    As a writer, the features I’ve just read about offered by Ulysses, are really exciting. Can’t wait to put Ulysses to the test.

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  4. jwdwrites

    I would love to try this app, it sounds great!

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  5. meth8dik

    I would like to see if Ulysses can really help me keep on top of WordPress.

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  6. Louisvanarsdale

    I believe this feature will help me to achieve the goals I have been seeking. During and after the pandemic it would become an enormous benefit to many people. Help me with your program.

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  7. Mentoring For Change.

    Looks very interesting. Excited to learn more

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  8. Louisvanarsdale

    I believe this feature will help me to achieve the goals I have been seeking. During and after the pandemic it would become an enormous benefit to many people. Help me with your program.
    Louis Vanarsdale

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  9. NEO Inc

    Would like the Ulysses app for the free 5 years promotion

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  10. Stace

    I would love to give Ulysses a try, it sounds ideal.

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  11. Caryl Dierksen

    I would love to try Ulysses. It sounds fantastic!

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  12. scoobiesnacks

    In to win. I’d love to try Ulysses

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  13. Greg Cundiff

    I would love to try the Ulysses app.

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  14. Michael Chopra

    Hi. I would love to try this app.

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  15. Marylou Crosby Wade

    Would love to try this app!

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  16. Georganne

    This sounds great. I’d love to try the Ulysses App.

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  17. ladonnacontenta

    I’d love to try it

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  18. Brenda Yoho

    I would love to try this!

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  19. Lorna

    I too, would enjoy trying the Ulysses app!

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  20. Steve Cripwell

    I would love the Ulysses app, having purchased the earlier program, be good to update now.

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  21. Dr. Richard J. O'Keeffe, Ed.D.

    As a blogger and podcast host, I’d LOVE to try Ulysses! Perhaps it will help my lack of publishing consistency. Despite the best of intentions, I am erratic of late preferring to do it later than to fuss with it now (I keep struggling with the WordPress styles and blocks and … please! May I give Ulysses a try?!

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  22. lazzeluz

    I would really be interested in trying the Ulysses app!

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  23. sajwansk

    Wow it’s amazing. I like it.

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  24. Shailesh Bansal

    Being a new blogger, I would love to try this app and explore its latest features. 🤘🏻

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  25. Cobb Foreclosures

    This is exactly what I’m looking for. New to WordPress and I’m a beginner, this will make my blogging so much easier.

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  26. Richard L. Fricks

    I would love to try this app, Thanks.

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  27. Glittermoon

    I would LOVE to try Ulysses!!

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  28. Jim Hodgson

    Interesting! I’d love to try the Ulysses app. Thanks!

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  29. ren

    I’d love to try Ulysses. Why have I never heard of this app?

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  30. jamesmmcardle

    Missed the boat, but I’d be very interested in Ulysses if it were able to rid us of the and “nbsp;” ugly garbage that appears in the back end when you cut and paste into WordPress from other word processing apps, and which slows page loads.

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  31. Dharmendra Sharma

    Have been looking for an alternate editor for such a long time! I’ve tried several different options and currently use Notion. Would love to try Ulysses!

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  32. Emma, West Sussex

    I’m not in the first five to comment, but what a great sounding app – fantastic functionality and a really practical, well designed tool – I’d love to win a chance to use it to help me with my blogging journey… keeping fingers crossed that you’ll show flexibility about the ‘winners’ of the Ulysses App!

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  33. muhammad yaqoob

    This is intresting. i am wondering do wordpress offer and free domain,

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