Domain Registration and Mapping

It’s here: you can now use your own custom domain with your blog. For example, if your blog was currently at you could buy from us and we would automatically move your blog over and redirect all your links and readers to the new domain.

How does this work? Well to get started go to Options > Domains. You can enter the domain you want in the box at the top.

Enter the domain you want.

If the domain isn’t registered, it will ask you for some information and then register it for you, and add domain mapping, for $15/yr.

If you already own a domain you registered somewhere else, you can map it for $10/yr. The next screen will tell you how to change the DNS nameservers on your domain to point to WordPress, and once you do that your domain should be live within a few hours.

That’s it!

This is pretty new, and somewhat technical functionality. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact support using the feedback tab at the top-right of your dashboard, and one of the team will get back to you immediately. Congrats to Andy for his great work on this oft-requested feature.

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  1. andyatkinson

    Alright, getting 10 bucks out and doing this now!


  2. Uncle Su

    super du-awesome! I wanna I wanna this for christmas!


  3. Mark Jaquith

    Pretty fancy, Andy. I can see this being a pretty big feature. I started a blog so I could blog about WordPress, so it doesn’t really make sense to me. I like having “wordpress” in my blog’s URL!


  4. YDS

    Great job guys! Question: could you buy and map to something other than “”, or is it limited to the subdomain currently being used?


  5. Chittaranjan

    Ummm…What about International users? PayPal I suppose 😐


  6. Panda

    I would do this if I had the means to.


  7. raincoaster

    Is there a way to pay for that which does NOT involve credit cards or Paypal (which need a credit card for you to register)? Cuz some of us bloggers are not, like, up on that credit card thing…


  8. Sankar Viruthachalam

    The other post mentioned that some random blogs will be given new domains from wordpress… is that happening? Will I get it 🙂


  9. ericz

    Awesome feature.. been waiting for this =p


  10. Harry Gonzales

    Great, I will do it!


  11. eli

    This is my graceland sir.


  12. livingjourney

    Exactly what are the advantages of having your own domain? Will your blog be more search engine friendly?

    I don’t really understand …. yes I am having a dumb moment!



  13. raincoaster

    Sankar, it’s happening. I got the first one (and don’t I feel special!).


  14. Michael Sync

    Gr8.. Thanks..
    I’m not able to access this URL “”.. How should i do???


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  16. Michael Sync

    Cool.. Thanks.


  17. axewielderx

    I don’t own a domain anymore but if I decide to in the future it will be here. Thx!


  18. Gail Ann Williams

    Cool. What about our subscribers? Does their RSS sub get lost for them when we make this move or is some sort of redirect feasible?


  19. foolswisdom

    YDS, good question. Your WordPress domain (“”) can be completely different than the domain you map it to (“crazypants.invalid”).


  20. rade

    Hey guys! This is great! 🙂 But I’ll keep my domain =) I like it!


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  22. foolswisdom

    livingjourney, there is no technical advantages. It is an image thang.

    Also, horror-upon-horror, if you ever wanted to leave, you would not have to change the URL everyone already knows your blog as.


  23. foolswisdom

    Gail Ann Williams, Andy has worked long and long 😉 so the important details like RSS subscriptions keep on truckin if choose to domain map.


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  26. Jonathan

    This is so cool.


  27. 0nkulis

    why can’t we have


  28. Jope

    What happens with services where we have registered the URL or with our (shudder) Google page rank?

    I assume we need to re-register and lose PR, but just wanted to check what the implications are.


  29. Andy

    0nkulis: we are having some issues with domains outside of .com .net and .org. You will be able to map any domain soon; we aren’t going to support registering them here, but you can still use them if you register them with another registrar.


  30. NW

    Bravo, WordPress Domain Registration and Mapping a reality…Thanks:-)


  31. Dean

    Question about Andy’s comment above. I’ve got a domain registered elsewhere. Can I map my domain across now?


  32. Matt

    Some people have reported a custom domain getting more search engine referrals than a subdomain, but honestly I think they should be about the same.


  33. Matt

    With regards to the earlier comment about Google Pagerank, it will probably go down for a couple of weeks, but since we have the redirect it will come back. Also all of Google’s links to your old site will work just fine when people click them.


  34. Corday

    Great news today! Although I think I will keep my wordpress “tail”. It is much cooler this way 😉


  35. nffc

    Great work – very impressed! Only issue is it seems that there’s an issue around logging in – I no longer get the ‘bar’ across the top of the screen using my new domain name (which was working within minutes of ordering!), I click ‘Login’ and am taken straight to the admin panel – so I’m clearly logged in already, it seems the admin panel still uses the address, so I wonder whether this is what’s causing the conflict…

    Other than that tremendous – decent price for the domain name too, given that you’re doing the directing too!


  36. 0nkulis

    Thanks Andy, I allready registrated and from wp… thanks for great service…


  37. Nanyaar?

    Awesome! Just got myself one.. 😀


  38. tekoda

    hey wordpress¡
    this new feature rox all our sox¡
    i wanted to ask u one favour..
    wordpress bloggers cannot use anything to show “online” visitors..
    eg: 46 online

    i think this would be a really wonderful enhancement to all the sexy ywordpress sidebars, something to think about?


  39. Баясгалан

    how about css. is it included in that price


  40. the forester

    Yeehaa! I’ll be doing this. A great feature for a great price.

    Question: will changing to a new domain name mess up our Google search hits, or our Google rank? For some reason I’ve got a Google rank of “5” right now, which I can only guess is because my blog is associated with WordPress. Once I switch to a new domain name, I lose all those positive associations and my Google hits drop, yes?


  41. Capt.

    I keep trying to register the domain i want but it keeps saying “something went wrong, contact support” what do I do? who is this support, how do I contact them?


  42. Rushi Vishavadia

    Matt, if we map it to our domain I assume we can still access it from the url (


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  44. isyankar

    i don’t understand


  45. E@zyVG

    Now this is simply AWESOME. Guess I will buy soon 2 domains from you guys. Just need to verify what are the payment options, as I am in Moscow.


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  47. Jayleigh

    Very impressive!!! I’m doing this!


  48. Aaron

    You made my day!!! Thank you!


  49. henriettahkg

    I have a site that’s hosted elsewhere. I can forward this to my site? So it will be my domain name without the at the end?


  50. Manda

    If I register a domain through WordPress, whose name will it be in? Will there be difficulties if I ever want to move the domain elsewhere?


  51. hools

    I might do this ince I’ve owned a domain for about 7 years… I’m a bit concerned about what would happen if I decide to stop mapping… what would happen to all the links? Would they just end up defunct?


  52. Steve Weintraub

    ^^ This is what I want to know before taking the plunge.


  53. Jennie

    You guys rock, I’ve set mine up and it works perfectly! thanks again for making such a great service even better 🙂


  54. Marco

    Is there a guide more complete than this post?
    I mean, something that explains in more words…


  55. engtech


    Is there a way to pay for that which does NOT involve credit cards or Paypal (which need a credit card for you to register)? Cuz some of us bloggers are not, like, up on that credit card thing…

    Paypal can work with debit cards as well.


  56. engtech

    If I register a domain through WordPress, whose name will it be in?

    When you register they ask you for your real name, address, phone number.

    This is what a WHOIS lookup returns:

    It looks like it is registered to your real name


  57. engtech

    Ok, you can get full registration information based on the domain here


  58. Matt

    The domains are registered in your name with the details you give, and if you ever want to move it elsewhere you are completely free to!

    Capt, you can contact support by using the “feedback” link in the top right of every dashboard page.

    the forester, like I said in my earlier comment, your old domain will redirect to the new one so all your pagerank and links and visitors will transfer to the new domain over time.

    Rushi, you can still go to, it’ll just redirect you to your new name. 🙂 Your dashboard will always be on, so that way we can secure your passwords with SSL.


  59. Muslim Apple

    Made the change today, the transition is seamless. Excellent work. Another reason among many to love WordPress.


  60. Cem Basman



  61. NuDaNdo

    It’s working really good! Thanks!


  62. NuDaNdo

    I’ve been waiting for this feature, thanks!.


  63. Karen



  64. foolswisdom

    Баясгалан, customizing CSS is still a separate upgrade.


  65. Tauno

    My blog got deleted once, because I had links to my companys home page and some ads in it. Is it ok to display ads, when I use my own domain?


  66. foolswisdom

    Tauno, the same ToS apply, so today that still means ads are not allowed.


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  69. alex

    Sounds really neato, I think a little more documentation is needed here, cause I’d like to have a bit more knowledge about this before I plunge on in!


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  72. Josh

    I grabbed a domain via your new system earlier today, and it worked flawlessly (as usual).

    Yet again, awesome work. You folks really do rock.


  73. arenpaul

    What is exactly is mapping?


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  75. Tony Whitson

    I just opened 2 new blogs that I’m not ready to start using now, just so I could buy the new domain names that I want to have.

    It was pretty smooth. After purchase, you might want to add a line to the directions indicating how long people should expect to wait before it’s working (only a few minutes; but it doesn’t hurt to know that before trying it).

    Also, on the new domains, I don’t have the menu bar on the top of the page for dashboards, new posts, etc. I need to go to login to reach the dashboard, and I don’t see anyplace with a menu of all my dashboards. Not a big deal.


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  77. mermaid632

    hmmmm should i? shouldnt i?


  78. Ashish C.

    Yippee! Finally no need to go host hunting if I want my own domain name! Add another added upgrade to customize your blog and I’ll convert!


  79. iowaboy

    I purchased today and it redirected within moments. The process was flawless and fast. However the ‘www’ isn’t working. I noticed, while visiting other sites who purchased and redirected domains today, that their sites are redirecting to even when I use the ‘www’ prefix. How can I get this ‘www’ redirect to work on my site?


  80. iowaboy

    Update: I should have waited for the propagation to complete before asking. My ‘www’ redirect is working now. Thanks WP team for making the redirect process so easy.


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  82. blaze

    Like others have said, I am quite proud of having in my domain so I think I’ll leave it! But nice feature anyway.


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  84. hsigrist

    Excelente!, sin embargo estoy de acuerdo con Mark Jaquith: no cambio por nada el “” de mi blog, no tienen idea lo mucho que algunos apreciamos y valoramos esta palabra en nuestro blog. De todas maneras me parece una buena opción para muchos. Felicitaciones.


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  86. SippinWhisky

    I’m on it! Thanks, WordPress Wizards!


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  88. freshgroundknits

    Thanks! I’m so excited!


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  92. cylithria

    I got a domain via your new system last night and it went excellently smooth! Thanks for the hard work and the great feature!!!


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  97. Daij

    Even though it costs much more, I’d rather pay for you guys to host than download WordPress onto my server because when it comes to anything programming, I’m stuck. I have another domain which I’ll be hooking to my own server soon, (a friend will be helping me), but that is going to be for my work and I want this to be something completely separate and unrelated. Hehehe, and having a pseudonym is cooler.

    Oh, and to everyone else, I’d rather have my own username than a subdomain…:P


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    Things just keep getting better for users. Back in August, the WordPress crew unveiled the custom CSS upgrade for bloggers. Now, users may use their own domain or register a new one to pair with their blog. Th…


  99. solelyshe

    cool.. .


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