Domain Registration and Mapping

It’s here: you can now use your own custom domain with your blog. For example, if your blog was currently at you could buy from us and we would automatically move your blog over and redirect all your links and readers to the new domain.

How does this work? Well to get started go to Options > Domains. You can enter the domain you want in the box at the top.

Enter the domain you want.

If the domain isn’t registered, it will ask you for some information and then register it for you, and add domain mapping, for $15/yr.

If you already own a domain you registered somewhere else, you can map it for $10/yr. The next screen will tell you how to change the DNS nameservers on your domain to point to WordPress, and once you do that your domain should be live within a few hours.

That’s it!

This is pretty new, and somewhat technical functionality. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact support using the feedback tab at the top-right of your dashboard, and one of the team will get back to you immediately. Congrats to Andy for his great work on this oft-requested feature.

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  2. Daij

    I like the shorter URLs and all. Am I an early adapter? I’ve always hanted to have a simple first-level domain for my blog, but I’m not that technical to host my own…


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  4. dhreno

    Great job on the domain reg. One question: are you guys going to include email at some point. Right now if I change the DNS servers to sign up for the Domain reg. I loose my email forwarding. Probably others have this same problem.


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  12. ifebo

    This is just one other great feature. It builds credibility. I’m gonna get mine too.

    Thanks a great deal guys. You ROCK!!!


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  15. Shae

    Oh sweet! I already have a domain registered from earlier this year, but I’ll double check when the year is up. So I can possibly match it through here to renew both when time comes. Yay!

    You guys are the best!!!


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  18. Tingting Rimart

    kewl!!! any security issues about this?


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  21. salvomenza

    What would happen then if someone uses the old URL? Would he be automatically redirected or what?



    This is really cool!


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  24. efender

    Is possible to obtain more accurate stats -or use some javascript like statcounter or sitemeter- if the user move to this option?

    In all case, this sounds great.


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  28. print


    Perfect, and I honestly see the sense in paying for this (even though I know the tech behind, it is a definate value add) and I completely love your business model.

    Great work, and good luck, you sharp brained maniacs.


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  33. pobiznews

    I was waiting hundred years for this 😉


  34. popolicious

    I have this and its superb!!!


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  36. Neville

    That’s great. My blog now has a new address which doesn’t say That’s one reason why I switched to WordPress from Blogger a few months ago.


  37. bestdomains

    Thanks for the info… but i love wordpress very much.
    i may consider your point for my next project.


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  47. William T. Foxtrot

    So I’ll for sure lose my email addresses if I switch the nameservers over to Is there any way to fix this or will a fix be released in the near future?


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