Trick Or Treat: Domains

Our most requested feature has nearly always been the ability to change a blog’s URL. We’ve been working on a system that lets you do just that and I am pleased to tell you that it is almost ready!

Just to clarify what I’m talking about, we are making it possible to give your blog a different URL. For example, your blog can live at or instead of

Domain registration and mapping are sensitive, technical operations and we want these processes to be easy. To that end, the development and testing have to be thorough. While I was setting up test domains it occurred to me that I ought to set them up on live blogs rather than test blogs. The more traffic the systems gets during testing, the more confidently we can release the feature.

So here’s my idea: I’ll sneak into a few of your dashboards when you aren’t looking and give you a brand new domain based on your current one. If you like it, keep it as your blog URL until it expires or you renew it. If you don’t like it, you’ll be able to switch back to your domain. If you decide to keep it, all of your old URLs (permalinks) will still work. They’ll simply redirect visitors to the new URL.

It’s a bit of a treat and a bit of a trick. This is for testing, remember? Something might go horribly wrong and your blog might become inaccessible to visitors from Bangalore or Biloxi. You might not like the domain. You might be such a fan of WordPress that you miss your old subdomain. In any event, you will be able to switch your blog back to its old URL any time. The free URL also expires after one year, so you’ll have to pay to renew it or lose it. Tricky, huh?

I’ve set up a new domain for a friend already (Rhieinnon) but I don’t have that many friends so I’m just going to cruise comments on the top blogs for victims. First victim: Raincoaster. Watch out!

p.s. Matt had the idea of making the new domains free for a random selection of people who sign up. More details when we release the feature. (Soon!)

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  1. nobody

    well . goody good


  2. Jolie

    What a nice thing to log onto today. You’ve heard it before but I will say it again. You guys rock! 😉


  3. Sankar Viruthachalam

    I would be very much interested… 🙂


  4. Jennie

    Whee! how exciting! you guys are outstanding, I can’t believe all the great stuff you do for us.


  5. bothack

    Hey, Thats great news :). So what does it take to get you into my dash board 😛


  6. Jano

    what first commenter get :p
    wordpress rules 😀


  7. webmacster87

    This is kind of vague and confusing. How will this system work? And what are you doing to our system? And if you impose this on some of us, will the original subdomain still work?


  8. britgirl

    FANTASTIC!!! Really Good news!


  9. britgirl

    Thought – what about if one already has a domain name? Can that be used for testing or when the service finally goes live?


  10. Shodan

    I have been waiting for this. Even registered at godaddy.
    I am a willing guinea pig.


  11. LearningNerd

    Oooh, spooky! And tasty! All at the same time!

    Pick me, pick me! *raises hands*


  12. Epsilon

    That’s wild. Nice job. 😀


  13. K

    Me! Me! Me! Me, next. Hahaha just hapoy for this new upcoming “feature”. Goodluck.


  14. Linh760Li

    i want this feature in my blog

    Thank you very much!


  15. Cotton

    Wow! sounds cool to me 🙂 Lets have this up and running!!


  16. Michał Buchta

    Doesn’t Andy have any avatar? 😉


  17. paradox

    Whoa. I like the part about changing domains, but not the part where things go horribly wrong 🙂 Nice work! WordPress FTW~


  18. Airway


    I already have a Domain routed to my wordpress blog, so i woukld not like this feature, allthough it´s a great one.

    If the wordpress domain would change then the visitors to my real domain won´t be redirected to my blog.

    Or have i misunderstood something?



  19. Greg

    Very exciting! Good work again.


  20. deambulando

    uau! nice feature


  21. heybearcat

    Wow! Way tricky. Thanks.

    Looking forward to it.



  22. disembedded

    Hi Andy,

    Sounds like a great idea. I’ll be a victim–sneak into my dashboard and surprise me with a new domain!! I don’t have many visitors from Bangladore or Biloxi, so I’m up for giving it a try. URL me!!


  23. Michael Sync

    Very intersting..
    How can we know whether we have been selected or not?
    Thanks again..


  24. Hakim Bennis

    Pretty pleaaaaase 😉


  25. sockrebel

    /me would happily a guinea pig for such testing. 🙂


  26. deambulando

    nice work


  27. the forester

    Ohh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I’ll be a GREAT friend!


  28. gavilan1010

    Ok, so mine is , If I was to change to would the one still work, as in all the websites im linked in ect…

    and how much would the domain costs, this sounds good, please e- mail me at


  29. Confused

    Wows! I am game!


  30. aishel

    Looks cool. Thanks.


  31. t.u-ty



  32. Fredi

    This is amazing!!


  33. kjenzz

    oohh new domains free? that’s awesome 😉
    Anyway, great job! You guys are amazing. Love what you’ve done with it overall.


  34. ampin

    Can u give me a free domain as well..I just love WordPress
    Cant get enough of them


  35. Animesh

    This is going to be a real treat! Trick is ok, ppl would be willing to pay – just let them experience the taste of a new domain, build up users/readers who eat feeds from the new url.. and one year down the line many of them will pay (or risk loosing those many subscribers, page rank, etc)

    Waiting for this one to be out!


  36. karthiksn

    Well that is a kool thing bt I guess I will have to wait until I get myself my own domian.


  37. Benny Martini

    Nice to see you’re always making new stuff available for us ! THanks a lot 🙂


  38. Yaser

    Interesting. Thanks for your work nonetheless!


  39. ehab

    Great idea Matt : )

    i had to redir my current domain here, though i still love the subdomain – nice n easy : )


  40. Josh

    Cool idea. I’m still itching to be able to set my blog up at 😛


  41. Christopher

    Wonderful. But I really like the subdomain XD.


  42. boynextdoor

    Sounds like a very interesting idea. I am game :-).


  43. Vlad

    Nice idea!


  44. Aaron Conrad

    I have SOOOOO been looking forward to this. Can’t wait to see what you have planned.


  45. aishahdhorat

    cool, but dont get it but still cool


  46. Nobodyknows

    Man, there you go again upping the ante!

    Sweet offer to everyone who recieves it.


  47. Brett

    Count me in!


  48. TheHype

    Yes, yes YES~! Hehe, Andy and et al, you guys are awesome. I was thisclose to registering a domain from 3rd party but still debating it.

    Lo and behold you guys read my mind weee! For the record, if you guys tweak mine, I prefer:


  49. Vish



  50. mxsix

    Sounds awesome!


  51. Fahad

    Please randomly select me for the free domain!


  52. Fahad



  53. צפריר

    me wants 😀 😀


  54. Fahad



  55. EclecticGeek

    Too bad I already own the domain name I like so I guess no chance you will sneak in my dashboard. Still, this is great news! Been waiting patiently. I’m really looking forward to this feature. 🙂


  56. Daniel



  57. 25 cent life

    ooh. I want someone to sneak into my dashboard! (I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting my own domain — so this could definitely be the surprise I’d been looking for!)

    Pick me!


  58. maurina

    ahhhhh!!! ME ME!!! PICK ME!


  59. aishel

    One of my comments got deleted 😦


  60. Vi

    This is awesome. I definitely want to change my link, but can we change it to anything we want, or does it still have to include our username?


  61. liquidat

    Sounds good, I would love to see how this works – if you need a tester more, count me in 🙂


  62. vjp

    Been waiting for this! I hope it goes live soon 🙂


  63. alvyn

    Outstanding, finally a free blogging system that has that human touch to it and actually works well, not to mention look good too!


  64. E@zyVG

    The idea is superb, lets see if it will work. BTW, how much will the renew cost for extra 1 year?


  65. roamin

    WordPress, you make trick or treating fun! I’m not looking, I’m leaving this reply, so feel free to sneak into my dashboard and fiddle with my domain at your earliest convienence.


  66. techbee

    Sneak in my blog any time you want, I’m over 18 and consenting. (if I may: I’d like to be called plaintly in the future…if I am one of the selected fews. (I am French in France. I qualify as a minority blogger for any affirmative sneaking action).


  67. Fabio Duarte

    Suena interesante; vamos a ver cómo funciona en la práctica. De todas maneras felicidades, realmente uds. hacen un muy buen trabajo.


  68. techbee

    Sneak in my blog any time you want, I’m over 18 and consenting. (if I may: I’d like to be called just “” in the future…if I am one of the selected fews. (I am French in France. I qualify as a minority blogger for any affirmative sneaking action).


  69. roamin

    I’m not looking, I’m writing this reply, so feel free to sneak into my dashboard and fiddle with my domain. WordPress, you make trick or treating fun.


  70. brad richert

    very excited, I have been looking forward to this for a long time – got to love wordpress.


  71. Ben

    Sounds fiendishly good 🙂


  72. sucharith

    Very interesting concept…. WordPress Rocks!!


  73. Steve Weintraub

    Ok..if you apply “” to Mr. Foo’s “”, what are his right in terms of that domain?

    That is, if Mr. Foo wants to shut down his site and open his own “”, will you allow him to purchase the domain?

    Or am I overthinking this or something?


  74. lily

    I love you wordpress.

    You complete me.


  75. Ankur

    gr8 ppl i would like to know who the lucky ppl r ne way and u didnt mention abt the price how much is it gonna cost i have start saving!!!!!


  76. kyran

    Oooh. Now this is some candy I wouldn’t mind getting for Halloween. ;D

    I should blog a bit more too I suppose.


  77. americanuck

    *hands up in the air* Awesome!


  78. Mihir Gandhi

    trickyyyyyyy! Pick me – I will give you a trick-or-treat candy 🙂


  79. gess

    Cooooooooooooooooooool 🙂


  80. revenantkioku

    So how much will this cost? 😛
    So as of now, even if I have a domain there is nothing I can do to map it to my site?


  81. Restless

    Where do I sign up???
    GREAT option!


  82. velvethammer

    I’ve always wanted to change mine to Ironic It was very late or early whichever way you look at it, when I first registered my blog. And on hindsight well…I should of put more thought into it.


  83. saniroy

    Waiting for the final execution. Two thumbs up!


  84. Carlos J.

    Really nice idea!!

    Thank you guys for all the improvements you’ve been doing lately.


  85. girlfriday

    Great trick or treat for Halloween. Loving the *new features* even in test phase.
    Me, I like people *knowing* I’m at WordPress 🙂 but having the ability to have a chosen domain name … that is special. Thanks.


  86. eoinpurcell

    Now this is cool and the gang!


  87. Jope

    As usual, cooler than cool… one thought: we will need to re-register in every place where we used our previous URL or will we keep both?


  88. myepinoy



  89. Jen

    I’m game 😀


  90. Will

    sneak in, change mine to onethingiknow.whateverisavailable. I won’t mind : )


  91. Karen

    wow! *whistles*


  92. eli

    i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this! i’m so excited! pick me! pick me!


  93. mksucks

    I would say PICK ME PICK ME but Mary Kay Inc. already registered, so I don’t think I’m a good candidate!


  94. raincoaster

    Jesus F*cking Christ Andy, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!


  95. goldcoaster

    seems a good idea – pick me, please.


  96. Destiny



  97. gavilan1010 would be nice 😀 !


  98. mermaid632

    new to wordpress and im loving it already, left another blog thats going completely pay for. thanks you guys!!!


  99. raincoaster

    In case my last “Go WordPress” post was too uh vigorous to survive the editing process, I’d just like to say thanks, and I’ve already gotten several direct hits from search engines looking for “raincoaster” which never happened before.

    Double thanks!


  100. Budi Rahardjo

    Hey … I want one. 😀

    ps: I am a techie (familiar with DNS and stuff). I am willing to be a tester with my own domain. But, I’ll take whatever I got. 😀


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