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You can now import and export your entire blog and comments as an XML file that WordPress.com will generate for you. You’ll find the export and import options under “Manage” now under “Tools” in your blog admin area. The XML format is an extended version of RSS 2.0, and it will be built into the next downloadable release of WordPress (3.1).

We hope you guys really like this feature, but go easy on it! It’s very resource intensive to dump all the content of a blog out, so only do an export if you really need it. We do on-site and off-site backups hourly and daily, so your data is already very safe against service failures.

The export is mainly useful for moving content between WordPress blogs that you run, whether it’s moving from your self-hosted blog to the convenience of WordPress.com or the other direction. It includes posts, pages, comments, drafts, private posts, categories, and more. We don’t yet have a plugin that can generate this format for older version of WP, but it’ll be coming soon and when it’s done we’ll post about it.

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  1. J

    Perfect! Thank you.


  2. Adrenalin

    Wooohoho, that’s fantastic !
    Thank you ! 🙂


  3. janoz

    hey this is cool tho i wont need it cuz i know wordpress saves everything 🙂 i really love wordpress but why i cant add fetures like other blogs 😦 like chat and weather and that butterflies or maps.. those all needs html editing but we cant.. unfortunatly.
    but the good news is i love wordpress and will keep it nomatter what 😀 ah sth else; my theme is the best of all blogs, so;
    thank you guys…


  4. MadMark



  5. Stephen

    I’ve been waiting for this feature, thanks!


  6. Ankur

    thats gr8
    thank you very much for this


  7. Brent

    Excellent, thanks! Keep up the good work!


  8. girlfriday

    Great … so I can store my own back-up from time to time. (Not as often as hourly or daily!)


  9. Dennis Pater

    It’s greet


  10. Qwerty Maniac

    w00t finally I can begin designing my hosted site now that I have this feature! Thanks a ton, you guys rock 😀


  11. Chris Meller

    You bring up another question I wish you’d include whenever you get around to writing about your experiences setting up and scaling this kind of applications – backups. I’d love to know how you guys are handling hourly and daily backups, because I’ve yet to be able to come up with anything that even remotely resembles a cost-effective way to do such things in any sizeable quantity.

    Come on guys, where’s the technobabble?! 🙂


  12. Percy

    Thank You
    I wont need it.


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  15. talkislam


    i love you


  16. Kat

    Bless you dear people. I’ve been waiting for bated breath for this lovely feature.


  17. bigstarlet

    You all must have been reading my mind! Not to mention my blog entries on this subject! 😉 Thanks so much!


  18. Ridzwan

    The long wait was worth it!

    Thanks a lot, guys!!


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  20. sunburntkamel

    given all the trouble i’ve had hosting my own blog, i might just import the whole thing here, once 2.1 comes out 😀


  21. sweska

    great going guys!! keep it up!!!


  22. Tiara



  23. sanyuja

    Wow! Thanks a bunch.


  24. gapp

    Thanx a lot guys.


  25. Destiny

    Thanks, this is awesome!


  26. Lee Kelleher

    Excellent functionality Team WP!


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  28. Christian



  29. Sankar Viruthachalam

    Nice feature


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  31. hfeatherina

    aha! as promised…and now i can move to my own hosting server. i was too lazy to do it the labour intensive way. doesn’t say much for my work-ethic, but a lot about my personality. go figure.
    i love wordpress!


  32. drhaisook



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  34. Ujwala

    i’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks a ton!


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  36. Amit

    way to go!! 🙂


  37. dorai

    Cool. Another use is to do some analysis with xpath (like Jon Udell did with his blogs). Will try it out. But will probably dump it out once a month.

    Is it possible to dump out using a range of dates? This can reduce the load on your servers too.


  38. Alejandro

    I just exported/imported to my own website and it’s just AMAZING!!!! congratz, good work dudes!!!


  39. pipit


    It’s more help me, if you add option to zip/compress it and send it via email (like phpmyadmin doing).

    Next project, incremental data export ?


  40. Matt

    Pipit, we don’t want people using this for daily backups or something like that. It would cause a ton of unecessary load on the servers and we’d have to limit the feature somehow.

    Liked by 1 person

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  42. wank

    Is there a plugin to enable import on 2.03 blogs? Because otherwise we’re going to have to tell people to download nightly builds in order to make use of this feature, and I’m sure you don’t want that.


  43. wank

    Ah, skipped the last line of your post (I was skimming to answer a forum question). Do we have an ETA on said plugin? Would it work if users simply downloaded the import files from trac, or does it need other files as well?


  44. Lazy Drive


    Now, WordPress allows you to Export your blog into an XML file. Aint that cool? I stumbled upon this while lookin over the admin screen – and spotted the "Export" button.
    And that's cool. Easy way to back the posts up. I wonder if that he…


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  47. Mark

    This was what was exactly my purpose of moving to WP.com… to be able to get all my WP.com entries into a self-hosted WP when I get the money… You guys must be psychics… and good ones at that 😀

    Go WordPress!


  48. typo180

    Awesome. I was hoping to be able to host my WP myself when I have some extra coin to burn. It’s nice to know I won’t have to start all over.


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  50. blaze

    This is a perfect addition. Thanks guys.


  51. wank

    OK, trying again…

    Do we have an ETA on said plugin? Would it work if users simply downloaded the import files from trac, or does it need other files as well?


  52. readthis



  53. flummox

    Great work!

    I’ve been waiting for this for decades. 😉

    Regards, Stefan


  54. Anantya

    I hope u’ll be able to come up with a plugin that can do that for the old WP soon, so that i can move my posts from my other older blog to my current blog. Thanks alot.


  55. Naoki Hada

    Thank you. I was waiting this feature long time. I kept using MT was this feature. -Naoki


  56. Linh

    this is great… but I must have missed something, can you import to wordpress.com from a self hosted wordpress 2.0.x blog? I want to migrate to this… mainly to keep the updating off my hands, granted, I’ll lose the custom look i currently have


  57. Craig

    Excellent, you answered a question I didn’t even know I had until I read about the functionality.

    Thanks and Cheers


  58. socialgeek

    yay! thank you! 🙂


  59. Bahman

    Its perfect to backup our notes…
    Thanks guys.


  60. elevate

    Just used this feature to populate my soon to be hosted blog, Im very happy with how the feature works! Especially the fact that it can tell if a post has already been imported. Thanks!


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  62. Admin

    Great work guys! Thanks a LOT!!! 🙂


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  64. retrodata

    ANy news on a possible plugin for this?


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  69. 71mm0

    with this, i can transfer to my own webhosting from wordpress.com..thanks!! 😀


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