Connections and Header Images

Last week while Matt was in Austin, we spent a few hours working on the Connections theme. It got an overdue update and something even more exciting: custom header images. Custom header images! Yes!

But that's not all! We have cobbled together an online photo cropping tool for your cropping pleasure. Now you don't have to load up Photoshop or even know the exact dimensions of the header image. Just upload, crop, jump for joy.

Here's how it works: under Presentation, select the Connections theme and go to the new Custom Header Image screen. Upload a photo with the simple form. On the next screen, use the mouse to mark out the area you want to use as your header image. (Don't worry, the width/height ratio is fixed so the picture won't be squeezed.) When you have it just the way you like it, hit Save. You can then change the header font color for contrast and coordination. Jumping for joy is optional.

We know there will be requests to add this functionality to all themes, so here's a peek at the game plan: limit the fun to Connections users until we have seen plenty of success and squashed any bugs, then roll it into some of the other themes. Ready? Try it!

Update: If you've done an extra-cool header image, be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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  1. fuchsiacow

    wow! spectacular… can’t wait for customisation to other teams.

    i’m sure you guys heard it so often, but you guys are really great!! *thumbs up*


  2. pipsqueek

    exactly what i was waiting for.. now i got the push to use connections..

    brilliant job guys!


  3. sanyuja

    Finally! I am waiting for this to be available for all the themes.


  4. Matt

    Nice job Andy. 🙂


  5. sweska

    amazing guys!!!…. esp the crop function!!
    yep! can’t wait for other themes to add custom headers too 😀

    can we just have a little note added somwhere for the header size?? just like… 800 X 50… or something like that

    great job!!


  6. ychittaranjan

    Good Feature that. Hope that it will be rolled onto other themes as well. But what about themes where there is no Header-Image? For E.g. Theme Thirteen has a Flowery-kinda image to the left side. Would that qualify as a header image and be open to customization?


  7. MadMark

    Great Feature! Can you do the same for the Default Theme?!


  8. Serola

    Nice, but you had something similar already in Regulus. The problem with Connections is that you can’t customize the Sidebar Widgets. So add that feature as well to Connections and then the success will be garanted.


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  10. Destiny

    Cool, can’t wait till it goes to andreas theme, gonna try it now anyways 😉


  11. Livia

    Fantastic! I so wish this could happen to the old, great WordPress Default 1.5 (Kubric) theme too!


  12. Matt

    Just for folks who are asking, we’re planning to roll this functionality to all themes it makes sense for after we work any bugs out with Connections.

    This is different from the functionality in Regulus because that requires you to use something like Photoshop to resize an image manually before uploading it, and doesn’t let you change things like text color on the image.


  13. Lee Kelleher

    Wow! This is amazing functionality, especially the crop tool!
    (I thought that the XML import/export was good, but this rocks!)

    Keep up the good work Andy (and the rest of the WP Team – of course)!


  14. Christian

    Unfortunately there is no way to configure the sidebar in this theme … so I’m waiting. Would love it with “contempt”, “pool” or “default”
    This feature is absolutly cool!!!


  15. Sankar Viruthachalam

    Nice one. Looking forward for this feature in other themes to 🙂


  16. jaytomio

    Can’t wait to to see this running on all themes!


  17. greenlightsabers

    Jump for joy? Yes please!


  18. Ankur Gupta

    good work …


  19. David Shutt

    That’s great – but Connections doesn’t let the widgets work as well….it pushes them all down the page.

    How about letting us customize the greatest of all themes, the theme of themes you might say – ‘Contempt 1.0’




  20. chaoticmind

    This is soo cool!! 🙂


  21. MTR

    I just switched over so that I could use this feature. I’d prefer to do it in another theme, so please let us know when we can. Either way, I really like the tool. Tell me what you think about my header…


  22. drhaisook

    That’s a nice feature. Hope you incorporate it in the rest of the themes as well, esp. Dusk that I use! 🙂


  23. nylusmilk

    i’m dying for a change in my blog’s layout but i can’t use it because the text widget titles run when it’s longer than one line, which is a real pain because regulus text widgets can adjust to titles longer than one line. =( otherwise, it’s excellent! i will use it when i can think of one-line title text widgets.


  24. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh!!!

    I used the Connections theme in the beginning but switched because I couldn’t organize the sibebar. Now I see that I can access and organize the sidebar! And customize the header, too!! I love the crop tool.

    Threadbears ‘n Yarntails

    Thank you!! *skippity*


  25. kopicat

    This is one feature worth waiting for! You guys are great!


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  27. sunburntkamel


    just a note, your automagical cropper has the default behaviour (no pixels selected) of giving you no image (black header). it shouldn’t be a 3 step process just to get an image. no selection should result in displaying the entire image.


  28. Ujwala

    love the idea of custom headers and have been using Regulus on one of my blogs to do just that. went off like an eager beaver to check this one out too. i loved the design but had a problem. the sidebar was getting pushed down so i’ve switched back to regulus.

    Also i had a suggestion for the photo cropping option which btw is a fantastic idea – there should be a way to automatically reduce the size of the file being uploaded and the option of putting a url of an image already hosted elsewhere on the web.

    i was really excited to see 3 announcements. keep up the good work! i really do enjoy using


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  30. Gymshoes

    Excellent! Just what I’ve been waiting for! 😀 Check it out! Sea Creatures & Me Uh-oh…I just went back to my site and tthe header image is gone! Right clicked to view background and got 404 Not Found for the cropped image. 😦 Where did my fishy go?? Browsed images and it looks like the full image is still there. Oh, well…I still really like this feature. Perhaps the cropped image will pop back up tomorrow. ? 🙂


  31. Gymshoes

    And my html was stripped from the comment form. 🙄 I’ll try again to post the URL:


  32. watershed

    Thank you!! This is a wonderful new feature! I have it on my blog now-

    My only suggestion would be to bring back the sidebar in the single-post pages (below the archived entry box). Now, when people click on a single post (like through an RSS feed) they don’t get your sidebar at all. If that was added back in, it would be all PERFECT.

    Thanks! I love wordpress!


  33. Dannie

    I gave it a go. It would be good to know what the maximum size of the jpg to upload could be. Thanks.


  34. Mick

    I’ve been pretty happy with my theme since I settled on one, but it never felt totally “me” until I switched this afternoon.

    NOW I feel close to home.

    Nifty work guys. Then again, I don’t recall a time where I wasn’t impressed. Thanks.


  35. riva

    It would be more useful if, as in Regulus, users were able to hide the blog title text.


  36. Theo

    I nominate myself for snarkiest custom header:

    And while I’m not crazy about the drab green on Connections, I do like the clarity of the type in the blog space.
    I swear, on half the other themes, you have to squint to read the faint type.


  37. Stephen

    I really like this feature, but it’s a bit difficult to find pictures that match the green color scheme. It would be nice if you guys added this to a more neutral theme. needs more classy, simple, “professional”-esque themes.


  38. Phil



  39. K

    “Just for folks who are asking, we’re planning to roll this functionality to all themes it makes sense for after we work any bugs out with Connections.”

    That’s great Matt. However I played it on my other blog using the crop image and it actually helped me create a nice crop size on my Regulus Theme.

    How sweet. Thank you.


  40. green

    I was waiting this for quite a while. Hurray! (:


  41. riva

    I second Livia and Phil—it would be awesome to see this feature in the default theme, and I think people would use it. I did switch to Connections (from Regulus) after trying some different header images, though. I definitely like the large, high-contrast type and muted color scheme in Connections.


  42. cutter

    Unless you can also edit the color scheme this function is going to create a lot of bad looking sites. I fear there will be many sites with photos that clash with font and header colors.


  43. wank

    Well, yes, customisation inevitably leads to bad looking sites because so many people have no taste. For an illustration of this principle you only need to look at MySpace (if your eyeballs can take the punishment). Therefore your proposal that we be able to edit the colours would only make matters worse, because not everyone cannot be trusted to pick decent ones.


  44. calupict

    I tried to customize my own. Is there any chance to make Regulus Theme with dark background?


  45. jtintle

    I made a quick one for my second site at . it isn’t much, but it’s better than a generic one


  46. Rant's, Reviews, and sometimes Info

    Well did you notice anything?

    Look up, I've got a new banner…sweet, that they are allowing some custom banners on a select few themes..I know it's not much, but hey its new…


  47. azahar

    This is simply fabulous! I started a blog here recently because I was already using WordPress as the content management system for my business website.

    I’ve had lots of fun playing with various ‘themes’ here but this latest one is the best yet. Just waiting for a friend of mine to photoshop my cats under my arm in my new personalised header – ha!

    I’ve also really appreciated how genuinely REAL and CARING the WordPress staff comes across. Amazing support system. People working to make the site even more interesting than it was yesterday. That really blows me away!

    So basically, I love being here. And send my thanks to all the WordPress staff who keep making great things happen here.



  48. taraden

    Very cool!!! 😀


  49. Greg

    Great work, guys. I appreciate it. Got a closeup sand header on my other blog at check it out.


  50. ministryoferror

    Good job guys…Somehow, maybe you can make it flexible and allow the text in the header (where we can put the blog name and tagline) to be customizable to be where the user wishes. (e.g top left or right hand corner.) Presently it is only available on the top right hand…

    I don’t know if you get what i am trying to say cos I don’t know all the proper terms. Hah!


  51. onecoolsoul

    Looks very good guys. I changed the header of my blog as well. Very nice update here.


  52. Joby Elliott

    nice job, but read this excerpt from an IM conversation I just had.

    me: ooh, big news at wordpress
    finally, custom header images
    Alex: its like 1999!


  53. Joby Elliott

    Despite my bit of sass, I have enthusiastically adopted a new header image. I don’t really like it, and I’d like to work on it more, but a crazy desert party beckons…


  54. aparna

    Thats fantastic job.. I love WordPress… !!!!!!


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  56. Ben

    I used the custom header feature. Works really well. My custom header can be seen at One question though… I made my own text as part of the header image. Do you think an option can be added to disable the Blog Title and Tagline in the Header? My only option was to completely remove the Blog Title and Tagline under Options… Something I’d rather not do.

    Thanks for the hard work!



    Can’t wait till this is available for all the themes – way to go WP team!


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  59. astudentofhistory

    I think my header is pretty nice. How do you other bloggers reconcile color schemes (my header image is a bit overwhelming)


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  61. bttgeraes

    Just starting to test wordpress as my blogs new home. Anyway, here is my self made header:



  62. inhizimage

    WONDERFUL! This has made it easier to customize my page to be more like… well, me!
    Thanks. (Take a look if you want)


  63. chaiway

    Getting better all the time! I’m tickled pink with the Sweet Blossoms template, but I think the font’s too small for easy readability. ?? Changed it in the code a couple X’s, but would rather just type & not have to fiddle too much. No doubt I will try the custom headers sooner or later. Thanx for all the great work!! 🙂


  64. nubizus

    Thaks. You are the best blog service on the Planet Earth.
    Next step: Custom CSS/ Theme editting pannel(Pleace):)


  65. Pede

    This is so nice.. I love that we now can have a costum headbanner..

    Peter (Sloane)


  66. aj2r

    This will be perfect:

    Thaks. You are the best blog service on the Planet Earth.
    Next step: Custom CSS/ Theme editting pannel(Pleace):)


  67. Galileu

    I did my header image. Check this out on my blog. I LOVE WP!


  68. zazamataz

    This is nice and the crop function is great. But my nifty header image clashes with the green background of the theme. It’d be really nice to be able to change the background colors as well.


  69. ekiben

    yeah, it’s pretty nifty.


  70. Lazza

    Use Gimp!!! Not Photoshop!


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