Language Matters

It was several months ago that we introduced the language option on the signup page and in General Options. What did that option do? Until now, it did nothing but wait for us to use the information. Now that almost half of all active blogs have a language selected, we unveil the first language-aware feature on Blogs Of The Day.

BOTD is the program that lists popular blogs on the home page and in your dashboard. At you can browse longer lists (up to 100 items) and browse more than sixty languages.

We'll be making more features language-aware in the coming weeks. To ensure your blog is ranked on the correct BOTD lists, you should go to your Options panel and select a language now! If you're not sure which one to choose for your blog, choose the language you usually use when writing blog posts.

Because BOTD is all about ranking things, we've ordered the language list according to their total traffic. For posterity, here is the Top Ten Languages list when this was written:

  1. English
  2. Español
  3. Italiano
  4. Português
  5. Deutsch
  6. Svenska
  7. Português do Brasil
  8. Français
  9. Ελληνικά
  10. Nederlands

To move your language up the ratings, get your friends blogging and get more people reading your blogs!

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  1. calupict

    I hope someday Bahasa Indonesia will be there.


  2. matiasjajaja

    Very nice,

    This is very useful, i think that this feature will generate WP comuties realeted to language and countries.



  3. Stephen

    That’s really neat. I was wondering if something like this would come up. I don’t mean to nitpick, but why does everything on have the ugly, default blue/purple hyperlink colors?


  4. Mr Angry

    I’m surprised there are no asian languages there at all. Maybe WordPress need some marketing in those areas – Japan, Korea and China are all big blogging nations. As is most of south-east asia. Best tell your friends calupict!


  5. noshowerfamily

    re: language options on wordpress, i already love the fact that chinese characters in the post titles also mean that those same chinese characters show up in the permalink. other blog providers could only do that for english post titles.


  6. litlove

    This was mentioned to me as a feature coming online when I started a topic on searching the site in the forum. I can’t believe how quickly it’s come together – that’s fantastic. I’m hoping very much to be able to find more of my favourite kind of blogs in wordpress this way.


  7. Matt

    Stephen, BOTD obviously doesn’t have a design yet. doesn’t really have one yet either! We’ll get to it eventually.


  8. Tadas

    Why I cannot see my blog under my native language? It is not ranked, although I have selected corect language?


  9. sanyuja

    Thank you for providing this feature.


  10. jaytomio

    Great feature! Now if I could only make he list…



  11. rollmops

    That’s really cool, thanks!!!


  12. khalil

    What about Creole? Or is that only Google’s type of languages?


  13. drhaisook

    Great! Keep up the great work!


  14. turquoisebleue

    good idea, it’s so difficult for me to try in a langage who is not my mother langage.

    J’attends averc impatience que l’on puisse avoir wordpress en français.
    à vous de traduire 😉


  15. Ankur

    Great feature Thankx a lot


  16. chaoticmind


    add Tagalog 🙂


  17. directrix

    Yes, please add Tagalog (or Filipino)…

    There are more Filipino bloggers than you think… 😉


  18. erik

    Good thinking guys! Well done!!

    It is amazing to see the far reaching umbrella of


  19. sunburntkamel

    it’s 6/6/06, and this is the announcement?
    i was expecting a dark goth-y them at least, if not translating blogs into latin and making everyone’s header graphic a still from ‘the omen’


  20. Destiny

    wow, nice…. at least we’ll get to increase the languages ^^ is Bahasa Malaysia in there?


  21. Livia

    Thank you guys!


  22. taraden

    Very useful feature….and like jaytomio said above….now just to make the list 😀 ha ha ha…


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  24. grhomeboy

    Good to see that Greek language ranked 9th! Being a Greek reminds me the 9th position Greece secured at this year’s Eurovision song contest 🙂 However, personally I’m blogging here at WordPress in English as I’m targeting other nationalities than Greeks. I will however try both languages in same blog just to see the result and the reaction.


  25. Jope

    This is a cool feature…! 🙂

    (And I’m in the 30th position for spanish, so double cool! 😉 )


  26. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    This is one more positive step for integrating the rest of the world into WP. Traditionally other languages have their own blogging platforms, which are not as effective and useful. Now, in my opinion, that they have a platform as effective and useful as WP, they will most certianly use it.

    I guess this will bring some positive results for WP and the blogging community.



  27. Ryan B

    It would be cool if your blog(s) could be auto-generated at the end, if it’s not already in the list. So people could see they’re #607 of 610 and such.


  28. sunshipballoons

    that’s nice. but, of course, the problem is that english was the default langauge, so a huge percentage of the “english” blogs on the list are not in english. self-selection is a bitch, especially when there’s a default choice.


  29. Dante

    Why is Brazillian Portuguese listed as a different language than Portuguese?


  30. Clodimedius

    Wow! And better yet, WOW at cubic power ! Thank you so much !!! I will be able to discover some French Neighbourhood !


  31. talkislam

    just keeps getting better.


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  33. Mark

    And just like that, WordPress became a superpower CMS. 😀

    I do agree with some of the commenters… do add Tagalog sometime 😀

    Walang makakapantay sa WordPress kahit kailan!


  34. phrostypoison

    Fourth top indonesian blog! w00t!


  35. felixmeyer

    I do like the language option as yet another way bloggers can relate to each other, e.g. find other blogs in their preferred language. Blogging is a social interaction in the end.

    What i miss is a multiple language option, though.


  36. Qwerty Maniac

    Language wars! 😛


  37. karthiksn

    Man I even saw 4 malayalam(one of the indian languages) blogs. Man I am not able to blog in other languages, I can barely write english but this is really great.

    Great work everyone at wordpress


  38. Amit

    well, I dunno about other languages but its certain that none of the blogs listed under the language “Hindi” are in that language, some are in other regional language, others are in english, not in hindi!! so maybe you guys would want to look up & see the right stuff is categorized in a category!! 🙂


  39. beatesrasteplass

    This is wonderful!

    It makes it much easer to find blogs from certain countries; it makes it easer to browse in the languages I know. If I could have one more wish, it would be to have a place to look for blogs for different countries as well as languages.




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  42. LUTHFI

    thanks for information.
    #1 Calupict, bahasa Indonesia sudah ada di sana.


  43. lopponla

    སྐྱིད་པོ་སྐྱེས་བ་དུས་ཆེན Tibetan would be nice…


  44. iudaks

    Where is Turkish ?


  45. Web 2.0 - Что нового? Новости интернет проектов

    WordPress запустил Blogs Of The Day

    Несколько месяцев назад WordPress ввёл возможность выбора языка на странице регистрации и в разделе Общих Настроек. Так за что эта опция отве…


  46. Jalal Rohani

    The Language is very important, but for the Languages which has Right-To-Left direction like Persian it is not useable until we can select the direction in the template.
    thanks for ur all great jobs !


  47. razib

    I just joined word press after I heard so much good things about it.


  48. Shiroko

    When I told my friends to come to wordpress because it has a lot of advantages, they refused only because it wasn’t in Spanish. If you could translate it to other languages, a lot of new people could come to wordpress!
    I love WordPress! 😀


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  50. marionette

    Hehe I like the idea of being able to blog in Latin! :p


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