by James Dinsdale and Automattic
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Bushwick is a lightweight, responsive blogging theme, designed to showcase beautiful content alongside beautiful imagery.

Custom Excerpts

If you’ve crafted an excerpt for your post, Bushwick will display it between the title and the content, to give readers a quick summary of the content.


Slide-out widget area

You can configure one optional sidebar by going to Customize → Widgets. It will be displayed above the main navigation when the browser window is wider than 1024px. By default, the sidebar is hidden. To activate it, simply click the bars on the upper right side of your blog and your widgets will slide out.

Custom Menu

You can assign your own custom menu to the primary menu, located in the header, by going to your site dashboard and clicking on the Menus panel. If no menu is assigned, this area will display your pages by default.

Note: If you add a link to your homepage by entering a custom link to http://YOURSITE.wordpress.com/, it will automatically be shifted to the left of your screen, on top of the image. If you’d prefer the link to appear in your menu as normal, create a custom menu item for your homepage by entering the URL like this instead: http://YOURSITE.wordpress.com, without the ending /, and it will appear in the main menu.

Custom Header

Bushwick allows you to set a flexible-width or -height custom header under Customize → Header Image. If you set a featured image on an individual post or page, that image will be displayed on the single post or page view, instead of the default custom header.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 640.
  2. The suggested header image size is 900 wide and 1600 high.


simple, light, minimalist, personal, responsive, clean, blog, travel, photos, gallery, photo, photography, photographer, listing, writer, poetry

This theme is available for download to be used on your WordPress self-hosted installation.

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