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To change these settings, go to My Sites → Settings → Writing.

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Manage Categories and Tags

Open the Categories or Tags panels to change their settings.

categories and tags

In the Categories panel, you can:

  • Change a default category that will be used if you don’t manually assign a post to a category. If you make no changes, the default category is called “Uncategorized.” (All posts must be in at least one category.)
  • Edit existing categories.
  • Create new categories.
  • Delete categories.
  • View posts in each category.
  • Nest a category within another.

Learn more about categories.

edit category

In the Tags panel, you can:

  • Edit existing tags.
  • Create new tags.
  • Delete tags.
  • View posts with each tag.

Learn more about tags.

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Default Post Format

If your theme supports multiple post formats, you can select the default post format applied to a post. If you make no changes, the default post format is “Standard.” Learn more about post formats.

default postformat

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Date and Time Format

Open the Date and Time Format panel to choose how the date and time will be displayed on blog posts.

date and time format

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Content Types

In this section, you can:

  • Set the number of posts displayed per blog page. The default number of posts per page is 10. Keep in mind that setting a higher number here may make your blog slower to load.
  • Activate a portfolio (if needed) and set the number of projects displayed on portfolio pages. Learn more about setting up portfolio projects.
  • Activate testimonials (if needed) and set the number of testimonials displayed per testimonial page. Learn more about setting up testimonials.

content types

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Feed settings

Control how your feeds are displays. For more info, see Feeds.

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Control your podcast. For more info, see Podcasting.

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Theme enhancements

Enable or disable Infinite Scroll.

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Press This

Press This provides a lightning-fast way to grab text, images, or video from any website and post it to your blog without ever visiting Learn more about Press This.

Press This

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Writing Settings in the WP Admin Dashboard

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