Creative Family Photoshoot Ideas for Your Website

Do you run a family business and want to feature family photos on your About page? Or maybe you manage a parenting blog and want to share some pictures of the cute kids you’re always talking about?

Regardless of what your goals are, here are some family photoshoot ideas that will liven up any family-friendly website.

Outdoor family photo ideas

It’s always best to take outdoor shots at the beginning of the day when the light is best (and the children aren’t too tired). The blog Photography Mad recommends taking outdoor photos in the hours right after sunrise, if you can manage getting up that early.

Here are examples of some great outdoor family photoshoot ideas:

  • If it’s a sunny day, go on your favorite walk and take some pictures of your children enjoying nature.
  • Foot bridges can be great places to frame the whole family in one shot.
  • If available, use a boat to get everyone into view. Boats also provide different height levels and props for poses.
  • Experiment with scarves and hats for new looks.
  • Try standing up and kneeling down for different compositions.
  • For a different angle, draw everyone’s attention to a pet, plant, or other natural feature.

Cute family photo ideas

Looking for something cutesy? Here are some ideas to try:

  • Newborn baby and older sibling touching noses.
  • Everyone’s hands in a circle to contrast big and small, kid and adult.
  • Show a parent swinging the children off the ground to catch an action shot of the family having fun.
  • Compare family members’ differently sized footprints in sand for a beach theme.

Experiment with composition

Here are some alternative family photoshoot ideas to try:

  • Get the family jumping on a trampoline at the same time.
  • Have everyone lie down in a circle — a great way to get everyone’s faces in a shot.
  • Bubbles — also a fun way to direct the attention of small children.
  • Profile the family’s silhouette against a sunset.

Ideas for family businesses

Grandpa showing grandson family business guitars

If you run a business, make it clear that the entire family is in your photo. Include business items such as tools, aprons, hats, or computers, and then show a family connection with a hug, pat on the shoulder, or handshake.

Having children pose next to old photos or documents from the previous generation of business owners is another great way to visually represent a family business.

It’s easy to enrich the content on your site with awesome family photoshoot pictures. Take the perfect images to brighten up your site today.


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