Create Stand-Out Wedding Photographer Websites in Three Steps

Typically, photography professionals don’t build wedding photographer websites for fun. The goal is to draw attention to a unique talent so that couples choose your business to photograph their special day.

For this to happen, you may have to step up your website game. If your site isn’t attractive and engaging, people will head over to another site that is.

There are three elements to focus on when designing your wedding-photography business’s website. Here’s what you need to know to create a beautiful wedding-photography website that represents your brand.

1. Know your demographic

The pictures you choose to display on your site should appeal to your target audience. For example, if your specialty is outdoor wedding photography, most of the pictures featured on your site should be of outdoor weddings.

Site visitors will want to see images of people that they can relate to. If you post pictures of people who are similar to the audience you’re targeting, they’ll likely prefer your photos to the ones featured on other wedding photographer websites.

For example, Coffy Creation specializes in high school senior portraits. To appeal to other high school seniors, portraits of the target audience are featured on the homepage.

2. Choose your best samples

You may feel tempted to share every wedding picture you’ve ever taken on your website. Resist the urge! Only display your best, highest-quality photos.

It can be challenging to judge your own art, so if you have trouble narrowing it down, ask for opinions from family and friends.

Another important factor is photo resolution. Don’t forget that today’s consumers will probably peruse your wedding photography website from mobile devices and desktop computers. Make sure the beauty and quality of your photos still shine through various screen sizes and displays.

3. Carefully consider your background

Choosing a site background usually takes some trial and error, but as you play around with website themes and color schemes, you’ll determine the tones that complement your wedding photography. allows you to preview themes before applying them, so take your time browsing the theme directory until you find the best choice.

Try using different kinds of pictures, and make sure to periodically switch them out to keep your website updated and seasonal.

Rock your photography website

With a clear idea of how to make the most of your wedding photographer website, you’ll be positioned to show off your beautiful wedding photography in a way that attracts new clients — putting you at the top of every engaged couple’s list of potential photography businesses to hire for the big day.


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