Four Mobile Blogging Features to Enhance Your Page On the Go

Have you ever visited a website only to discover that it’s out-of-date? Maybe a hair salon hasn’t listed its current prices online, or a restaurant still hasn’t posted its new menu. It’s a frustrating experience that might make you think twice about becoming a supporter. Yet many websites are so challenging to maintain that business owners must hire outside developers to make even the simplest changes.

Fortunately, if you have a website, there’s a mobile application that lets you update your website through mobile blogging with fresh blog posts, add new products or services, and communicate with customers in real time — from anywhere and from any Android or iOS tablet or mobile device.

Here are four ways that the mobile app can help you become a mobile blogging pro. You can use its capabilities to turn your website into a powerful tool for building a loyal online audience — all while maintaining your freedom to roam.

Channel on-the-spot inspiration

Imagine that you think of a great idea for a new blog post as you sit in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, or stroll in the park with a friend. Mobile blogging means that you can tap out your new post and, when you’re ready, upload it to your website in an instant. “Anywhere, anytime” blogging means that your creative juices are free to flow no matter your surroundings — and more importantly, no matter how far away you are from your computer.

Make real-time updates

Billy Joel warned, “Don’t go changing,” but many products and services need to change with the seasons. A garden store, for example, may want to feature summer seedlings instead of spring bulbs, and a shoe store might swap out boots for sandals. Mobile blogging means that you can update your website offerings to keep up with and reflect a new season, style, or holiday — right as it happens.

Refine your strategy

The mobile app gives you instant access to valuable information about visitor activity on your site. For instance, you can track how many users have clicked on a new product promotion or see if readers are responding to a story that you just posted. Or maybe it’s helpful for you to know where in the world your site visitors are located. Mobile blogging puts these insights and more at your fingertips (literally!) with the Stats feature, so that you can make smart, strategic business decisions on the go.

Stay in touch

We’ve all come to expect instant responses to texts and emails. When it comes to feedback or inquiries posted to your site, a quick response is a critical part of great customer service. With the mobile app, you can be notified the moment a question or comment (or compliment!) is posted. Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, you can respond at once and manage these queries and comments in one place.

Downloading the mobile app brings you one step closer to having a website that you can access, analyze, and update at any time and from anywhere. That means your online shoppers and visitors won’t be frustrated by finding old or outdated information on your site. It also means that you’ll be on your way to growing an audience and successfully promoting all your goods or services. Now is as good a time as any for you to start benefiting from the functionality, features, and freedom of mobile blogging.

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