4 Tips for Launching UGC Campaigns

A user-generated content campaign, when done right, can drive a lot of traffic to your site. And in a recent Stackla survey, 79 percent of respondents said user-generated content (UGC) strongly influences their purchasing decisions. But what does an effective UGC campaign look like? Here’s an introduction to UGC campaigns, along with four tips for planning and launching one.

What is user-generated content?

Although the term “user-generated content” may sound a bit technical, you’ve probably seen plenty of it on your social media feed. Any time someone posts about a brand, whether that’s a testimonial or a photo of themselves using a product, that’s user-generated content.

When a fan or supporter posts about your brand for free, it’s all the more powerful because it’s authentic. Audiences are even more likely to trust the message than if you’d created it and sent it out via your official brand account. UGC is also attractive if you’re marketing on a budget since it’s cheaper than digital ads.

4 tips for launching UGC campaigns

Ready to get started? Use these four tips to launch a successful UGC campaign.

1. Pick the right social media channels

Before launching a campaign, consider where your audience spends time online. Depending on your brand, that might be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or a different channel altogether. Then, tailor your campaign to the channels you select. Instagram UGC campaigns tend to be highly image-centric, for example, while Facebook is great for video content and brand stories.

2. Set a goal for your UGC campaign

To create a winning UGC campaign, you must first have a clear goal in mind. What would a successful outcome look like? According to Sprout Social, typical goals for UGC campaigns include greater brand engagement, increased conversion rates, or heightened brand trust. You can also design your UGC campaign around a specific product or feature, particularly if you’re launching something new.

Next, choose metrics to match. If you’d like to see more brand engagement, keep an eye on likes, comments, mentions, and shares. Or, if conversion is your goal, track purchases at your store during the period your UGC campaign runs and see if you notice an uptick in sales. Make sure to define start and end dates for your campaign as well.

3. Decide what type of content to promote

The type of content you promote will depend on the focus of your campaign. A coffee shop might invite patrons to share photos of themselves enjoying the new signature latté, for example, while a clothing brand might encourage fans to post pictures of themselves in their new apparel. If you plan to feature UGC on a website or in an advertisement, keep that in mind when deciding what type of content to use.

4. Invite your audience to participate

When inviting your audience to participate in a UGC campaign, specify what content you are looking for, how and where to share it, when submissions are due, and any other specific guidelines they should know before joining in. When you come across some terrific UGC that you want to feature, ask for permission before showcasing it and credit the original poster when you use it.

Make an impact with UGC campaigns

A well-executed UGC campaign can give your brand a major boost, driving site traffic and increasing sales. By following these tips, you can make an impact with your next UGC campaign.

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