How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office for Maximum Productivity

For a serious blogger or online business owner, having a home office is a dream — you avoid a stressful commute, your schedule is more flexible, and you can save money on things like gas and work attire.

That said, if your home office isn’t set up thoughtfully, you may find it difficult to be productive.

Consider the following tips to create an office space that keeps you organized, eliminates distractions, and maximizes focus and productivity.

Choosing a designated workspace

The first step to creating your own office is finding an area where you can get your work done easily. Ideally, a spare room with a door will eliminate distractions and give you a place where you can close the door and “go to work.” If your office is part of another room, then it’s best not to have it in either your bedroom or the kitchen. Your bedroom should be a space to relax and go to sleep after work. If it doubles as your office, you’ll end up spending 16+ hours in there, and it’ll no longer feel relaxing. The kitchen typically doesn’t work well either because it has a lot of foot traffic, with kids and pets coming in and out frequently.

Investing in the right equipment

As an online business owner, you’re going to be on your computer and Wi-Fi for most of the day. So, if you have an older computer that’s slowing you down then it’s time to invest in an upgrade. You’ll also want to make sure you have a reliable and fast internet connection. Investing in the right equipment is one of the most important things you can do. It’ll save you hours of frustration each day — plus, they’re typically deductible expenses.

Getting quality office furniture

A suitable desk and chair will allow you to work productively for hours without wearing your body down. You may want to get a stand-up desk that allows you to rotate between sitting and standing throughout the day. When choosing a chair, don’t just grab something from your kitchen. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours will drain your energy and, over time, can create neck and back issues. A functional desk and ergonomic chair that’s the correct height for your desk will save your back, posture, and even wrists just by putting your body in a better position.

Setting proper lighting

Light affects your vision and your mood. When possible, place your desk near windows so you have natural light coming in. You’ll find standard overhead lighting is typically not good enough for an office, especially if you’re doing any work at night. Adding a table lamp will be easier on your eyes and will bring warm, welcoming light to your work area.

Going for decoration and style

Offices tend to be a little cold and dreary, and you don’t want your home office to feel that way. You want it to be a space that inspires and motivates. Here are some tips to help with that:

  • Start with the right paint color. Think about a wall color that makes you feel happy and creative.
  • Add a corkboard or accent wall and fill it with inspirational items, artwork, photos, motivational quotes, and other fun things that will keep your ideas flowing.
  • Put up a whiteboard. These can help you track all of your to-dos and goals to keep you motivated throughout the day.

When you follow these steps, you can create a home office space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing — one that you can enjoy working in every day.


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