Create a Product Page That Dazzles Shoppers

As an online retailer, your ultimate goal is to sell products or services. Due to the effort that you put into networking, advertising, and blogging, you secured a steady stream of traffic to your website. Now you’re challenged to create a product page that transforms your site traffic into actual sales. How do you get started? There are a few steps that online retailers can take to help convert browsers into buyers.

Capture their attention

What’s the first thing that you notice when you walk by a storefront? Most likely, it’s the window display with its appealing arrangement of products. Your product pages are virtual storefronts. You want to grab people’s attention with vivid and clear photographs.

Photography does more than just create an attractive page. Since your shoppers can’t physically hold your products in their hands, help them visualize what their purchases entail by using detailed visuals. Take photos of your hand-knit baby blankets from different angles. Include close-ups to highlight the stitching details, take photos of your baby nephew wrapped in one of your blankets (often called lifestyle photos), and upload photos that show your blanket next to another object to show its size to scale.

Photos should be well-lit with minimal background clutter. Display a photo of your baby blankets taken on a plain background instead of one with a busy design that takes the focus away from the product, or makes it difficult to see the detailed colors and stitching.

Keep them interested

While beautiful photographs might initially grab your visitors’ attention, continue to woo them with compelling copy that speaks to them. To write great product descriptions, think not just in terms of selling a product, but of selling a solution to a problem. Consider why people should buy your product. What problems are they facing, and how will your product help solve them?

Let’s go back to the baby blanket example. Your shoppers are probably either new parents or people looking to buy special gifts for family members or close friends. New parents often want to dress their babies in natural materials that are good for sensitive skin. Your blankets offer a solution to this problem. For those looking to purchase a baby gift, you are providing a unique and heirloom-quality option, thus solving another shoppers’ dilemma.

Copyblogger suggests that you make your product stand out through the power of storytelling. Do you dye the blanket yarn yourself? Share the story behind your partnership with the local farmer who provides you with his organically grown beets to create the color found in your pink blankets. Doing this will evoke authentic emotions among your site visitors that will grab their attention and tug on their heartstrings.

Of course, you also want to also include detailed product information, like the blanket’s dimensions, size, weight, washing instructions, and how long it takes to ship.

Keep your eye on the prize

An additional consideration when creating a page for your products is the importance of minimizing distractions. Limit the number of links on your product page that may entice shoppers to navigate away. While you want to promote your blog post about the 10 Best Baby Blankets for Tech Geeks, keep your shoppers on the product page as long as it takes for them to make a purchasing decision. Consider sharing a link to your blog post on the order confirmation page, suggesting that shoppers give it a look after they’ve made their purchases to further pique their interest.

You might want to choose a theme with a full-width template option. These themes hide the sidebar, allowing you to keep visitors focused on your products by eliminating potential distractions. Also, consider creating a landing page so that fan focus stays solely on your products. This removes the other elements typically found on a web page, including the navigation bar and footer.

Seal the deal

Finally, include a very clear call to action to encourage visitors to buy your products. This can be communicated with a button containing text that makes it obvious that shoppers should take the next step to “Buy Now” or “Purchase” your baby blankets.

Creating the best product page takes time. With great photographs, web copy, minimal distractions, and a clear call to action, you’ll build a strong product page that leads to increased sales.

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