Zero to Hero: Day Eighteen

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    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

    On Day 18, we’re taking the next step in building an audience — a step beyond your blog.

    Today, you’ll explore social networks. Join a new one, create a strategy for using it, and connect it to your blog. There are also two options for folks who’d like to publish something. Head to the Zero to Hero main page for details.

    Use this space as a place to ask questions and seek feedback from fellow bloggers, or just to talk about blogging, why you’re here, and how your month is going.

    Please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you’re seeking feedback — this is a place for discussion. Irrelevant comments and spammy links will be deleted. Instead, give your posts the “zerotohero” tag to enable other participants to find you.

    The Daily Post has a weekly open thread on Sundays called “Community Pool,” for peer feedback. If you’re looking for general feedback on your blog or feedback unrelated to this challenge, please visit that thread.



    This is a fun one and I know as a reader I like to click on blogger’s social media buttons and see what they’re up to in other media. I have linked all of my social media accounts that I can and with my theme they appear at the bottom of the front except instagram because I didn’t see an option to enter the url — only a separate instagram widget option to include as a widget my latest instagram photos. I generally publicize my posts to twitter and my second Facebook account. Happy Sunday all!



    You have a CSS upgrade. Post to the CSS Forum and get help with including an instagram icon in the footer along with your other social networking icons.


    I’ve been in involved in nearly every social media site there is. I started in 1996, long before FB and Twitter. I left all social sites less than a year ago. My reason, to focus more on family, traveling and crocheting for a cause. I also enjoy face to face relationships which I put on the back burner due to countless (wasted) hours online. So with that being said, blogging is the only thing I do. Big kudos to those who enjoy social media!
    Happy Sunday!



    Hi everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying Zero to Hero! I am having fun with it and discovering new blogs, even though timing limitations are an issue. One of my Zero to Hero posts was a little bit late but I’m doing my best to keep up!

    I (inwardly) groaned when I saw today’s challenge. I set up a Twitter account for my blog (I’m @cultureblogger) but I feel aimless about the best way to use it to encourage readers to engage with my blog.

    And what about Twitter etiquette? Is it okay to search for topics and start a conversation with people who are discussing the same topic?

    On Facebook (I have a personal Facebook page which isn’t connected to my blog), starting a conversation with someone you don’t know isn’t ‘the done thing’, in my opinion. I delete any messages and friend requests from strangers.

    How do you use social media to complement your blog?



    How interesting because I sensed that when we first met here. I join you in wishing those who enjoy the social media “dance” well but I refuse to add another to my “dance card”.

    Social networking can be like falling
    down a rabbit hole and rarely surfacing. Unless one has a specific social networking strategy and timeline that one sticks to like glue, one might never surface from the social media warrens.



    Today’s task is hard for me. I enjoy blogging but I’m uncomfortable with social media. Still, I was thinking of starting a Flicker account to post my best photos there. I’d love to hear what you think about Flicker, is it a good or a bad idea to use Flicker as a complement to your blog? Should I be thinking of Instagram or Tumblr instead? I’m looking for a medium for “serious” photography, the fun snaps that I make I post on my blog.


    I already created a fan page on Facebook and connected to Twitter, but I took this opportunity to create a post inviting others to visit.

    So far this has not been a very popular feature, but I hope to use them to help build community with my readers.


    You sensed right my friend! Social media can be good if you restrict your time. But that’s difficult for a lot of people and so many get consumed by it, that their life passes them by. I personally know several friends who prefer being on FB than meeting over lunch or coffee. Isn’t that totally sad? It is in my book. I refuse to fall into the Internet worm hole.



    Can you answer this question? If I put links on my blog will it automatically notify the person whose link it is? Is that a ping back? I know that was yesterday’s thing but I’ve kind of still got my head stuck on that one.

    I did a post which contained some links and I need to know if I have to notify each person that I linked to, as I need them to see the post.



    twitter appears on my blog. But you mean the other way round. Up to now I wrote a tweet manually about my blog post. I created a special slugline for a tweet and attached the address of my blog.
    My Facebook account is not connected with the blog. I work the same way as with twitter. So a connection could make it a bit easier. What I don’t want to have on my blog are the really private posts from good friends. So Facebook to Blog I will not use. The other way: yes.
    I really have not the faintest idea how to use Linkedin or a german version called Xing. You know, these sorts of professional network.
    But a few weeks ago my WordPress strategy wasn’t clear either. In the meantime it cleared up a lot. Due to that challenge.



    I get notifications automatically when someone links to my posts, so I believe the answer to your question is yes.


    @maraeastern is right. I experienced the same.



    I’m wishing you lived where I live because we would get on famously. I dumped every person in my life who appeared to be cell phone addicted nomophiabac, who spent the majority of their time in social networks engaging in what I considered to be time wasting trash talk. Do I recognize that what I consider to be trash talk is the heroine that others get high on? Oh yeah, for sure but point that social media loaded needle at me and discover kick boxing training when I contact your jaw. lol :D

    83% of Americans own some kind of mobile phone which means that one-third of all American adults (35%) are smartphone owners. Surveys reveals how dependent users are on mobiles. A majority of adults aged 18-49 use their phones as entertainment devices when bored. 30% of adults 18-29 have pretended to be on the phone in order to avoid human interaction! What’s more? An astonishing 42% of adults (18-29 years) said that they have had trouble completing a task because they didn’t have their phone nearby!



    Mars Eastern and Luther’s journal. Thank you both



    This is done. I feel rather obtuse about it; for a these reasons, but I did do this for the challenge.



    By default every blog is set up to ping. That means that unless you chang the settings and disable pingbacks every time you create a properly formed link the software does the pinging for you.

    This is the guide for creating links in posts and pages:

    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>
    This is the visual result – it’s not actually linked here in the forum.
    Highlighted anchor text here

    1. Enter the relevant descriptive anchor text you want to link to first. Note that “here” is not a good choice.
    2. Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text. (If you don’t highlight the anchor text the chain icon will remain grayed out and not be useable.)
    3. Next click the chain icon in the editor and proceed to create the link.

    More here >


    You are too funny! And you’re right, if we lived closer, we would have a fabulous time for sure! Don’t even get me started on cell phones, they are the bane of my existence…LOL
    My oldest daughter, who has 3 young children, use to live on it. Thankfully her hubby refuses to pay for it anymore and her withdrawals have been down right ugly. Haha!



    I linked my Facebook and Linkedin pretty much on day 1. Question – I want to keep my Facebook for people I actually know but would like a Facebook page for people I meet here. I was thinking a “fan” type page where people “like” me instead of “friend” me. I would want a page like this if I actually publish something… Is it too vain for a” nobody” to create a fan page on Facebook? Is it a turn off?



    I’d have no problem with this, quite the contrary, I think it’s a wise strategy.

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